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Yes, you can; simply select your manufacturer from the options below and narrow your search by model and trim.

If you’re open to any make and model and don’t have a particular style in mind, why not define your search criteria by budget, Under £200, £250 - £350 £300 - £450 or Over £450

If you have a particular style in mind, for example you’d like to lease an electric vehicle or an SUV you can head over to those pages directly to narrow your search criteria

There are a number of reasons why it can be much more affordable to lease a car other than to purchase it through a PCP plan.  The first factor is the purchase price.  If you select a car lease then the vehicle will be purchased by and then registered to the finance company.  Often the finance company will have enhanced terms in place with the manufacturer directly.  The Dealer will then discount the vehicle further in order for them to supply volume to that particular funder.  If you were to purchase that exact vehicle directly, as an individual no matter what deal you negotiate with the Dealer you will not be entitled to fleet discount and wouldn’t be able to purchase the vehicle for the same price.  Secondly, contract hire rentals are calculated based on the purchase price and the residual value at the end of the contract, the amount your rental is based on, is the amount in between,  A PCP agreement does set a guaranteed future payment but this is usually conservative.  Lastly, as the vehicle is registered to the leasing company, that company are able to use the write down rule in terms of a depreciating asset, any savings that they make can be included in the overall lease deal.

APR is something that appears on hire purchase and PCP agreements, but as a car lease agreement is a rental it is not measured in APR and therefore an APR will never be discussed or appear on any documentation.

As the great saying goes, if it appreciates buy it, if it depreciates lease it.  You’re offered a fixed monthly payment; you receive a brand-new car and drive it for a fixed period of 24 or 36 months.  Most customers prefer to lease a car whilst it still has a valid manufacturers warranty.  Compare a lease vehicle to a brand-new car purchased for either cash, hire purchase or PCP.  Once you’ve done your sums, you’ll see that the lease will save you money if you only ever keep your car for 2 to 4 years, very few people tend to keep a car for longer than 5 years.

If you’d asked this 2 years ago, we’d have told you that usually manufacturers launch exciting, enhanced lease rates just before a new registration month in an attempt to bolster their new car performance; however, this was pre-covid pandemic.  Now, there doesn’t appear a better month to lease, so my advice would be to sign up to our newsletter (insert link to sign up) and keep checking our site for when those new special offers are released.

Our limited offers always offer the most value, these are loaded to our special offer page and are updated regularly 

This is usually measured by the value of the vehicle versus the cost of the lease over the period.  Usually, a good lease deal is considered to cost a third of the recommended on the road over the 2 year term.  A hot lease deal would equate to around a quarter of the cost of the recommended on the road over 2 years.

Cars for lease with bad credit

Cars for lease with bad credit

If you know that you have adverse or negative information recorded on your credit file, then head across to the poor credit section for a list of vehicles available.

Discover Car Leasing Deals

Discover Car Leasing Deals

Discover car leasing deals by brand.  We have a huge selection of UK lease car deals for you to browse through, whether you're looking at leasing a car Audi, or perhaps a BMW Car lease or maybe you like the look of Land Rover lease deals, we've got something to suit every driver and budget.  We've a good selection of business car lease deals too.