Pick up Lease Deals

We've a great selection of Pick up lease deals for you to choose from. Whatever your motoring needs, we've got you covered!

Pick Up Lease Deals

Pick Up Lease Deals

We've put together a list of Pick Up Lease deals that are available to both business and personal leasing customers.

This category of vehicle is a perfect choice to those needing internal cabin space as well as a large storage capacity, it's very versatile and offers the benefits of an SUV as well as the addition of a Van.  It's a great selection for those in a trade such as plumbing, building, heating engineering and gardening etc as it allows them the storage capacity for their equipment as well as the ability to sit their family and friends inside the cabin for a smooth and comfortable ride.  

Choosing this type of vehicle also attracts additional tax relief in terms of your benefit in kind liabilities, it is far more cost effective than a car.  We'd advise you to speak with your accountant to find out exactly how much your liability would be, this only applies of course if the vehicle is selected for business use.

Applying through National Vehicle Solutions couldn't be easier, we are on hand at every step of the way to guide you through the process, from that first initial google search right up until after delivery.  Once you're one of our customers, we want to keep it that way.  We love nothing more than when customers return for their 3rd and 4th car and refer their friends, family and colleagues across to us.


Towards the end of the agreement, the finance company will appoint an agent acting on their behalf to inspect and collect the vehicle.  The vehicle is either sent within their Dealer network, if it was funded via manufacturer finance or is sent straight to auction.  As contract hire is designed to hand the vehicle back at the end of the contract, you have no re-sale issues or hassle.

Sometimes the funder will allow this to happen; however unlike a PCP the figure would not be predetermined so you would need to contact the finance company for a figure to purchase, which is likely to be based on market valuation at the time of request.