Automatic Car Lease Deals - Leasing Offers

Automatic Car Lease Deals - Leasing Offers

View our Automatic Car Lease Deals. Whatever Automatic car leasing model you are looking for, National Vehicle Solutions have a great range available to browse.

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Automatic Car Lease Deals

Automatic Car Lease Deals

Browse our extensive range of automatic car lease deals.  Whether you're fixed to a budget or would like a prestige executive automatic car lease, we have the right solutions for you.

An automatic car brings the benefit of ease, the ability to cruise without having to take your hands from the steering wheel.  Able to rest that left foot firmly in the place where you'd usually see that third pedal.

Whilst most drivers have a driving licence that permits manual and automatic driving, with more experience of driving, usually comes the desire to rely on an automatic transmission.

Whilst all manufacturers provide automatic transmission across their model range, did you know that Honda only manufacture automatic transmissions in their petrol and petrol/hybrid vehicles?  They don't have a vehicle that combines their diesel fueled cars with an automatic transmission?  I worked for Honda from 2004 until 2006 before I started my career with Audi and can remember being surprised at this revelation and asked why they secluded this part of the market.  I was told it was due to the torque and that the vast majority of diesel cars on the road were manual.  This was in stark contrast to my experience at Audi cause an Audi A6 lease was selling like hotcakes and it was a 50/50 split between the manual and automatic.  It was mainly cost that swayed them towards the manual, as the automatic diesel was their preference.


Automatic Car Leasing Offers

Using the filters on the site you can narrow down your search criteria, populating all automatic car leasing deals.  As contract hire is a fixed term agreement and not a flexible product, it's important to tailor your car lease deal  to your personal requirements.

Ordering with National Vehicle Solutions is straight forward, simple and hassle-free.  We're on hand throughout the whole process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Automatic Car Leasing Questions

An automatic car can typically cost £1,000 to £2,000 more to purchase over the manual alternative.  As a lease rental is calculated based on the bridging amount between the purchase price and the amount the car will be worth at the end of the agreement the cost overall to lease the car will therefore be higher.  Typically this is £20-£40 per month more than the manual car. 

Because an automatic transmission gearbox is more complex with more moving parts than a manual gearbox, it would cost you more to repair.

Yes and No.  Older automatic cars are likely to use more fuel, however nowadays with rapidly changing technology, manufacturers are making them smarter, knowing exactly when to change gear, so in turn they could be more fuel efficient.

Yes, a Tiptronic or DSG with paddle-shifts are semi-automatic transmission, but as these cars do not have a manual clutch fitted, you can drive them with only an automatic driving licence.