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Gone are the days of having a choice between thousands of stock vehicles available for immediate delivery.  With stock cars as rare as hens’ teeth, we put ourselves to the test to source and secure some gems of cars to offer to our customers.  Whilst still nowhere near the volume we’d like we do have a selection of stock and pipeline vehicles.  We can offer pipeline vehicles, that go from confirmed build right through to the in transit to Dealer stage.  Let us know how quickly you need the vehicle, and we’ll tell you what vehicle we can deliver within that time frame.  No gimmicks, no sales pitches, just honest refreshing options.  Now, before we get too excited, let’s remember that we need to secure finance and allow for the contractual obligations of cancellation periods to pass before delivery, so for cars that are in stock at the Dealer, you’re looking at approximately 2 weeks from signing your finance contracts until delivery directly to you.  The stock situation should change by Summer 2022, with lead times for factory orders becoming more palatable.  Peruse through our handpicked selection of stock lease cars and let us know which one suits you best.  We also update our car lease special offers regularly.

Car lease deals in stock

Car Lease Deals in Stock

I think that we've all come to accept that there's no longer fields full of stock cars, but there are still some car lease deals in stock.  If you need a car lease ASAP, then speak to us; tell us exactly what you're looking for and we'll search the network for you.

Let us know your budget, the initial rental you have available.  What size vehicle you require.  What brands you'll consider.  What you need from a vehicle, then let us sweep the network and come back to you with some options.

We can provide a car lease for every UK make and model, browse the site and let us know what car leasing deals appeal to you.

No, a realistic delivery or collection timeframe for stock cars is 14 days.  It takes time from when you first enquire about the vehicle until delivery can take place.  We need to arrange the finance contracts, have those signed and sent back to the funder.  Whilst most of this is done electronically now, there is a mandatory 14 day cooling off period that must pass before delivery or collection can take place.

Cars can be sold as in stock, whilst they are in stock at a holding port or a PDI centre.  Many Dealers do not have the storage capacity to hold hundreds of cars with their showrooms or compounds.  When a vehicle is customer allocated, arrangements will then be made for the vehicle to undergo the PDI or be delivered to the Dealership for this process to be carried out.  More often than not, cars are stored with their protective film still attached, this is to protect the vehicle against the elements of the weather where they’re being stored.

This depends on how long the vehicle has been in stock and whether or not that vehicle attracts any additional manufacturer support.  Pre-covid pandemic if a vehicle was in stock, there was usually a deal to be had on it, whereas now because there’s such a shortage of UK new car stock, some customers find themselves paying a premium for a new car that can be delivered within 2 weeks.

The lead time for your car will be dependent upon the make and model that you order.  Some cars may be sold from stock, whilst others may be sold from pipeline.  When you first enquire with us, we’ll advise you of the expected lead time.  Please bear in mind that lead times can vary significantly at the moment as there is a global issue with components.  If you need a vehicle by a particular timeframe, it’s best to select one from UK stock or pipeline that already has a confirmed build date.