Volkswagen Business and Personal Lease Deals

If you’re unsure what car would represent the best value when exploring Car Lease packages, often you end up selecting a model from one of Germany’s largest car manufacturer.  Also the world’s second biggest car manufacturer, Volkswagen is renowned for producing well-engineered cars that look good and are built well. Prospective drivers can select from a range that includes the Up city car, the ever-dependable Polo or Golf or the stylish T Roc. There’s also the hugely capable VW Passat, the imposing VW Touareg or the pretty Volkswagen Scirocco coupe to catch your eye in a range that puts many more prestigious manufacturers to shame.

Volkswagen Car Leasing Special Offers

VW Leasing deals are very popular among those who would like to drive a Volkswagen, helped by the fact that cars from this manufacturer do hold their value well. A personal Volkswagen Car Leasing deal involves fixed monthly payments determined by the difference between the initial purchase price and the resale value of the vehicle when the lease expires, with age and mileage also being important factors. VW leasing deals make a lot of sense for many people, given that it allows them to drive a brand new car like the latest VW Polo or VW Golf for a few years before handing it back. It means that you don’t have to worry about depreciation or part exchange at the end of the lease agreement.

VW Leasing and Contract Hire

When you want to find the most competitive Volkswagen contract hire deal from a company that is committed to the highest standard of customer service and after service, choose National Vehicle Solutions. We have a team of friendly advisors who would be only too happy to answer any queries that you may have. It’s also possible to apply for finance online through us.  We offer both personal and business lease deals on a terrific range of VW’s.  Whether you have your eye on a diesel Beetle, a petrol Polo, a Tiguan with all of the optional extras or an entirely different Volkswagen, such as the new VW T Roc lease, we can ensure that you choose a Volkswagen lease deal that perfectly matches your practical and budgetary needs.

How does VW Car Leasing work?

We gather you’ve landed on this page as you’re interested in exploring car leasing but are possibly unsure of how it all works. All leasing contracts can be amended to suit you. All involve an initial payment followed by a fixed monthly payment. Usually customers opt for a 2, 3 or 4 year contract. Although we can offer 1 and 5 year contracts upon request. Often customers assume that a 3 year lease will be cheaper than a 2 year car lease. This is not always the case. Unlike a HP (Hire Purchase) or PCP (Personal Contract Purchase) agreement, a contract hire agreement is calculated using 2 main factors, these are a) The initial purchase price; the amount the leasing company buys the car. b) The residual value; the amount the leasing company expect to sell it for at the end of the contract. You pay the part in between. Your chosen terms dictate how much the vehicle will be worth at the end of the contract; How many miles the vehicle will have on the clock? How old will the vehicle be when it’s returned? The reason why a 2 year lease can be cheaper than a 3 year contract is largely due to the discount or support on the purchase price. Of course we know that a vehicle of 2 years will cost more to buy than that of an equivalent 3 year vehicle, but we also need to be thoughtful of the initial purchase price the leasing company will pay. Leasing companies often have massive discount terms in place directly with manufacturers, many times this can be increased on particular models during a particular registration period should the leasing company commit to a certain number of sales. If their addition discount was for example £4,000, over 2 years (1+23) this offers a rental reduction of £166.67 whereas the same amount over a 3 year contract (1+35) would decrease the rental by £111.11 per month.

Contract hire offers a fixed monthly payment, it’s not a flexible product, therefore it’s important to get the right contract term from the beginning. You can choose your contract length (amount of months) initial payment and annual mileage.  Excess mileages charges do apply if you exceed the contracted mileage. 

Maintaining your VW Lease car 

Maintenance plans are available to help you budget for the upkeep of the vehicle, as the vehicle will need to maintain its servicing requirements in line with manufacturer guidelines. As the lease cars are brand new UK supplied they benefit from the manufacturers warranty. This includes breakdown assistance but please be aware that VW offer different breakdown assistance terms with their warranty depending on the vehicle you choose. We recommend that your consult the manufacturers website for further infromation. Should your contract include a maintenance plan the excess pence per mile charge is higher. The excess charge will be quoted from the start, this is subject to VAT and will not change.

Ordering your VW Special Offer Lease

A lead time will be quoted to you initially, some vehicles are sold from stock whilst others are based on pipeline stock or factory orders. Lead times can vary so we recommend that customers contact us regularly for updates and don’t make any arrangements to sell or return their current car until their new car arrives at the Dealer.

What's included with your VW Lease

It is not always possible to place your vehicle order with your local dealer, therefore all of the lease vehicles that we supply include driven delivery to your home or work UK mainland address as standard. Rest assured that in the unlikely event of mechanical issues with your new vehicle, even if your car lease was not supplied through your local dealer you can take your vehicle locally to undergo any warranty repairs or recalls.

As the vehicle is registered to the leasing company they’ll arrange the vehicle road tax and send you a letter or email each year to advise that this has been paid. Even though the vehicle is registered to the leasing company you can still place your private plate on the vehicle should you wish to do so. In order to arrange this you need to name the leasing company as the nominee of the plate and send the retention certificate to the Dealer. Our Administrative staff can talk you through the process. Insurance is not included with any of our car leasing deals therefore you’ll need to arrange this at your own cost ensuring the vehicle is fully comprehensively insured at all times. Your insurance company will need to know that your car is a lease car.

VW Leasing versus buying a new car

Often drivers will weigh up the difference in cost and enjoyment from owning your vehicle through buying (even if it’s via an alternative funding method such as hire purchase) against personal car leasing. Car leasing can be far cheaper when fully explored and comparing like for like; new versus new. You cannot compare the benefits of a brand new lease car to that of a 5 year old as it’s the same monthly cost. What’s more is that you can still take your lease car on holiday with you in Europe. Just be careful that you don’t exceed the contracted mileage or make sure that you budget for this cost within your holiday expenditure. The leasing company will issue you with a certificate of hire and send you a useful document to make sure that you have amended your instance, carry the correct driving assistance packs for that country and have considered European Breakdown assistance. It’s worth noting that some manufacturers include this with their standard warranty.

Preparing your Lease Car at the end of the contract

Contract hire is designed to hand the vehicle back at the end of the contract. The vehicle will be collected and inspected. The inspection is carried out by a third party, they’ll carry out the inspection during daylight hours, take photographs and leave you a copy of the report. The BVRLA fair wear and tear guide is used as an industry standard, this will offer you details about what scratches, dents and chips are acceptable and what could be charged as damage. The guide is fair, acknowledging that the lease vehicle is no longer brand new and is now used. No matter how well we take care of our lease cars, it’s a fact that the vehicle is now used and will no longer be in brand new showroom condition.  We regularly have special offer VW Leasing deals, you’ll find these on the home page and highlighted as top star deal.