Audi Lease Deals

Audi Lease Deals

I can’t imagine that anyone looking for a car wouldn’t know the brand Audi or not search Audi Lease deals. I could list their models, talk about their heritage but all that information you could obtain directly from their website. Instead I’m going to tell you what the brand Audi means to me. Well, isn’t Audi at the pinnacle of their success, the prestige arm of the VAG group. I worked for an Audi Dealer group for several years and when I first joined them, they were chasing BMW for the top spot of the Prestige supply in the UK. After being there for a few years they overtook BMW with UK sales, but what happens when the hunter becomes the hunted?

I’d attend very suave launch events, which were exceptionally well thought out. You left your mobile at the door so that images could not be released ahead of official public launches. The roar of the engine echoed through the room, the music was loud to compliment the roar with an impressive display of pyrotechnic lighting.  It was always a phenomenal event that would leave you excited, anxiously waiting for the factory to open their build slots. Then there were the practical track sessions. I’ll never forget a day whilst in Germany, been driven in the passenger seat of an Audi A6 Allroad with the driver demonstrating it was still fully in control whilst manoeuvring up obstacles on 45-degree angles. I’m certainly no adrenaline junkie so it’s little surprise that I chose to forgo my opportunity to test the theory myself whilst clutching the grab handle so tight that my knuckles turned white. As corny as it sounds, during my career with the brand you could have cut me open, and you’d see the familiar 4 rings running through my core.


Audi Personal Car Leasing 

So that’s what the brand means to me, but how do most people see it Well, when asking my husband and friends, it’s clear that they see them at the top of their game, building lease cars that most people could only dream to own. Given the choice between them and a more common car on the road, then the choice would always be Audi, even if it was older or smaller. They say that first impressions always count, but then go on to say not to judge a book by its cover, but we’d all be forgiven to assume a person’s wealth or financial position by the car parked on their driveway – right?

So, what if you knew that prestige brands tend to hold their residual value more and that the re-sale value of the car plays a huge part when it comes to monthly lease payments?

You see, it’s not just the purchase price, payments are calculated based on what the funder will go on to sell that car for at the end of the agreement too. So perhaps, keeping up with the Jones’ isn’t as hard or costly as it may first appear and you could take out an Audi lease. Anyway, getting back to the brand, the distinctive 4 rings and front grill, give an instant presence, I’d describe it as mean and edgy, you know that they’ve arrived, that’s for sure.

A brand that will always turn heads and isn’t that what we all want? If not, then what makes us decide between manufacturers? Often when people are looking at an Audi lease, they compare to similar prestige brands such as Mercedes lease, BMW lease, Porsche lease and even VW lease But what determines this; well, budget, image, and appearance I’d imagine. I’ve never come across a customer yet that was comparing an Audi to a Fiat lease or Renault lease.

So we have small compact cars, through to the larger SUV’s, performance sports cars and now the ever green electric cars to select from within their range. I should be ashamed to say that my favourite for several years now has always been the an Audi Q7 on lease or SQ7. I love a big car and combine that with performance, it’s a winner from me. Although I do like the Audi Q8 lease car too. I remember the first time I saw that car on the road, a few years back whilst travelling through toll booths in France. It whizzed passed me driving my VW Touareg lease car, I glanced and then done a double take, it certainly made me stare. I was in love, perhaps when the children move out my budget will stretch to the Audi Q8, until then I can just keep dreaming; it’s a stunning piece of machinery.

We’ll have to continue to watch this space whilst Audi develop, launch, and introduce more models to their range. Their strategy is very clever of course, instead of flooding the market with 4 or 5 models to reach their annual number of registrations they launch more models into different sectors of the market; look at how vast their range of models is. The offers listed here are based on a good to very good credit rating, if that doesn't match your credit score, visit our car lease deals for bad credit for further information 

Here at National Vehicle Solutions we aim to provide excellent advice that helps you get the right Audi Lease quickly and proficiently. As a leading provider of Audi Car Leasing in the UK we endeavor to provide a first class service in sales, customer service and after service. A finance application can be made online and all of our Audi Lease special offers vary depending on what you need and what budget requirements apply to you. If you have any queries just contact us and one of our friendly advisers will help you accordingly.

We can provide all car lease deals to customers based in the UK.

Audi Leasing Questions

The most common way to Lease an Audi is by Contract Hire. We cater for either business or personal clients. Audi vehicles are remarkable at holding their value as are other luxurious cars, which is a key factor that impacts on the rentals of a lease car. The 2 key points here are the purchase price and residual value. All leasing companies purchase the vehicles at large fleet discounts. Some funders like Arval and Lex, which are bank owned can then offer interest rates lower than you can obtain a mortgage for. Then add in a high residual value at the end of the agreement, so might find that you pay less for an A3 than you would for a Ford Focus lease deal! This isn’t always the case but it certainly makes Audi Leasing affordable for the every day driver and within reach, without bursting the bank!

As all of our Audi car lease deals are UK supplied through a main dealer, the vehicles benefit from manufacturers warranty. As part of their warranty programme Audi offer 3 years complimentary breakdown cover in partnership with the AA. You would call the roadside assistance number and they’d be on hand to help you through the process to get you back on the road again

Yes, you can.  All our Audi contracts are available on a 1+ payment profile.  You select your make, model, preferred trim, and any additional options using the filters, then when it comes to the payment profile, select 1 rental in advance.  This payment is taken approximately 14 days after delivery from your bank or building society account.

Not as standard, however you can include a maintenance package at an additional cost; just ask us for a tailored quotation.

Insurance premiums are calculated taking several factors into account.  Desirability is one, cost to repair is another, along with your age, driving experience and history of driving offenses and accidents.  As an Audi costs more to purchase and can therefore be more expensive to repair, expect to pay slightly more.  However, if you’re currently driving a BMW, Land Rover or Mercedes then you shouldn’t see an increase in your premiums.

This is dependant on whether the vehicle you’re interested in is in stock or not.  If the vehicle is in stock, you can expect to receive the vehicle within 2-3 weeks, which allows enough time for the contracts to be signed, returned and delivery arranged.  Lead times vary between models for factory orders, but you will be given an estimated lead time at the time of quotation.

You search our website and speak with us to find your perfect make and model.  Once you’ve decided on the vehicle, we’ll provide you with quotations.  You then accept the quotation and complete an application form.  We are a credit broker and not a lender, so at this point we’ll send your application to the relevant lender.  Finance decisions can take up to 48 hours as they need to assess your credit worthiness and affordability in line with sensible borrowing.  Once we have the decision, we’ll notify you in writing and ask if you’d like to proceed.  If you’re happy to go ahead, we’ll create your order paperwork and ask that you check and digitally sign this.  Up until this point you’ve not been tied into the agreement.  We therefore ask you to read the document carefully and digest it before returning it to us.  At this stage the £199.99+VAT processing fee is due.  Once we have received your signed order and payment of our processing fee, we’ll place your vehicle on order with the Dealership and raise your finance agreement.  Your finance agreement will be e-mailed across to you.  You need to sign and return this to us.  Once received and your vehicle is in stock, we can then make arrangements to deliver the car to your home or work address.  Approximately 14 days after delivery your 1st initial rental will be taken, then each calendar month after delivery your monthly repayments will begin.

Your vehicle will be supplied by our preferred Dealer.  This is not necessarily your local Dealer; however, you would still take the vehicle to your local Dealer for any repairs and servicing.

No, each Audi centre are franchise dealers and whilst they are not all owned by the same company, they are representatives of Audi.  This means that any Audi centre can carry out warranty work and recalls on your vehicle, as well as servicing and other repairs.

Whilst block exemption prevented manufacturers from being able to specify that their vehicles must be maintained by Audi Centres for the warranty to remain intact, as the vehicle is a lease car and owned by the funder you must read their terms and conditions of lease.  For example, we know that Lex Vehicle Leasing do not specify that their vehicles must be serviced by Audi, however VWFS do indeed specify that the vehicles must be maintained and serviced by a Main Audi dealer.

If you’ve already taken delivery of the vehicle and haven’t moved home address, then the funder doesn’t need to know your new work details.  However, if the change means that it will affect your annual mileage and you’re likely to exceed the contracted mileage, then providing you’re more than 6 months into the contract you can contact them for a revised monthly figure to increase your annual mileage allowance.  Sometimes the rate they offer is more than the cost would be if you exceeded the mileage and were charged the excess pence per mile at the end of the contract, so once they offer a revised figure you can digest it and then calculate the cost of paying the excess charge at the end of the contract and take it from there.

This is because if you exceed your contracted mileage, the funder will continue to service and maintain the vehicle.  The more miles that you do, the more likely tyres will need to be replaced as well as wear and tear elements such as brake pads etc. 

What our customers say...

Nick Freitag Nick Freitag Great service
5 stars

A great service from NVS from start to finish. Always replied promptly and kept me in touch throughout.
Great service

Leased a Audi A4
Geoff Watson Geoff Watson absolutely - brilliant
4 stars

Lynn and Simon throughout the whole process were absolutely - brilliant - had a few issues with the dealer itself Audi - but delivery of Vehicle was on time - and all paperwork was done with great ease - I would definitely use them again - + recommend, better than previous supplier by miles.

I spent almost a whole day looking at cars with Simon, after receiving the disappointing news from last supplier - two weeks before expected delivery - car hadn't even been built yet, Simon went through loads of cars that were available within weeks - and upon selection - upheld promise - and delivered on day he said.

Leased a Audi Q5
 Russell Kenny Russell Kenny I would definitely lease another car with nvs.
4 stars

Got a great deal from nvs. The process was made pretty simple by nvs and this was my third lease so I knew what to expect. Any dealings I had with nvs were straightforward and anyone I spoke to or emailed were very polite and informative. Only slight negative I had was the car was supposed to be delivered on the at the end of March but there was a hold up and I never received the car till two months later. Fortunately I could extend my previous lease so I still had a vehicle or that would’ve been a real inconvenience. But I’m unsure wether that was really anything to do with nvs and just to do with Audi. In conclusion if the the right deal is there I would definitely lease another car with nvs.

Leased a Audi A5