car leasing with maintenance

Car Leasing with Maintenance Plans

It can be a common misconception that maintenance is included with all car leasing agreements and that is simply not the case. Whilst maintenance plans are available, they do incur an extra monthly charge. The maintenance cost will change depending on the length of the agreement and annual mileage too. This also differs from car to car, so its impossible to estimate an average cost of a maintenance plan.

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Car Leasing Maintenance Plans

Car Leasing Maintenance Plans

When considering a maintenance plan, it’s important that you factor in several factors. Car leasing maintenance plans are available.

Depending on what make and model you decide to lease will determine the length of the manufacturers warranty. It’s important to know that some manufacturers offer breakdown assistance for the full validity of the warranty whilst others may only offer this for the first year. To maintain the warranty on any vehicle, you must maintain the vehicle inline with manufacturer guidelines, this means that when a service or oil change is due that this is carried out without further prompts. Servicing schedules not only vary between manufacturers but can also vary from model-to-model within a brand. When comparing a maintenance agreement with a non-maintained agreement you need to know the servicing intervals and the approximate cost of a service from your local dealer. Now whilst block exemption is a rule, as the lease vehicles are owned by the funder, they can stipulate in their contracts that the vehicles must have manufacturer service history. This is more commonly the case with manufacturer funded vehicles such as the VAG group funder VWFS. This in turn would increase the cost of your service. In terms of the tyres, whilst you don’t have to replace them with the same brand, you must ensure that it is like for like in terms of size and speed rating.
Now many customers play it quite cute too, including my husband when it comes to the return of the lease vehicle. Depending on how many miles you drive annually you may opt for a fixed or variable service schedule – you notify the Dealer at point of PDI how you’d like it to be set. Let’s say that you take a contract over 24 months and ask for a fixed service schedule which is 2 years/20,000 miles. If you only drive 19,000 miles and hand the car back at 23 months and 2 weeks, you’ve essentially returned the car before any service was due so in effect could go through the whole contract without ever needing to service the vehicle. So long as you’ve driven the car sensibly and aren’t harsh on the breaks, many cars will have tyres that are still legal, so you haven’t even had to change or replace those either. Bear in mind that anything that isn’t covered by your warranty and classed as wear and tear will need to be replaced/repaired at your cost with non-maintained agreements.

Car lease deals with maintenance

You can now view car lease deals with maintenance on the website.  These are based on Fully Maintained (Service, Maintenance, and tyres).  You can request quotations for service and maintenance plans excluding tyres. The maintenance cost will significantly increase as the vehicle gets older as it’s expected that tyres may need to be replaced, along with more services being required. The monthly cost that you pay will remain the same each month still. The maintenance plan cost increases as your annual mileage increases, the more the vehicle is driven the more maintenance is expected. The quicker it will require a service, an oil change and wear and tear items such as brake pads and disks etc.  We've a full list of car for lease in UK and all are available with or without maintenance plans.  From Kia lease deals to Volvo lease deals, we offer all makes and models.

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