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Italian Manufacturer Alfa Romeo was founded in 1910. Its name Alfa the first of the Greek alphabet symbolising the starting point, meaning the beginning – a new life growing. Alfa won their first world championship in Monza in 1925 winning with Gastone Brilli Peri behind the wheel of the P2. The win was celebrated on the badge by adding a laurel wreath. By 1926 the RL had won a total of 90 victories. In 1929 a privileged relationship was formed with Scuderia Ferrari lasting until 1938. When Italy entered the war in 1940 racing was suspended to escape bombing the cars hidden in Melzo at a farm. During this time until 1944 when work stopped, the plant had suffered three aerial attacks and supplies had become very few and far between. At the end of the war in 1945 production was able to resume. By 1946 racing activity resumed and the Gran Premio Tipo 158 Alfetta won The Gran Prix of the Nations in Geneva. In 1950 The Alfetta changed its name to the 159 and the Farina (made entirely on an assembly line) wins the first F1 championship. In 1954 the Giulietta was born, the first car with a proper name. Large scale production began in 1960 and by February 1961 they celebrated the production of the 100,001st Guilietta. In 1964 Alfa went Global with UK and US owners clubs. Fast forward 50 years to 2014 where Alfa now offer 2 models to choose from namely the Giulietta and Stelvio

Alfa Romeo Lease Deals

An Alfa has distinguishing elements from the badge to the front grills and rims to the materials used to build the vehicles. Alfa is so popular internationally that there is an array of clubs globally. The rhythm of the Alfa keeps to the pace of the times. There are some excellent on-lines reviews about the Giulietta and Stelvio.

Alfa Romeo Leasing Special Offer

Leasing an Alfa through National Vehicle Solutions couldn’t be easier. We can offer you quotations for any lease car for contract lengths of between 12-60 months, over your desired mileage and tailor it to your personal requirements and circumstances, so whether you’re looking for a personal or business lease, we can help you. Take the time to browse through our website, submit an enquiry or application on-line or pick up the phone and call us on 0191 356 1001, where one of our friendly advisors are waiting to take your call."