Polestar Lease Car

Polestar Lease Car

Polestar was established in 1996 in Sweden, an electric performance brand.  Polestar Lease Car prides themselves on accelerating towards a sustainable climate neutral future.  Their drive and desire is to be able to produce a car that leaves their factory in 2030 that is entirely carbon neutral with a zero carbon footprint.  They’re a very green friendly manufacturer who is investing their efforts and development in ways to help promote a better future, with their research into electric battery repurposing, repair, and refurbishment.  They promote transparency with an ethical approach towards the supply chain and sourcing of components.  They want to set the tone for the future, forcing the competition to have to evident their claims.  A brand that admits that ensuring traceability has proven very difficult even from a bureaucratic perspective which was hindered by corruption, but now they’re able to push forward and demonstrate their ethical transparent production as they strive towards that zero-carbon greenhouse gas car. 

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You have to hand it to Polestar, their passion for not only the environment but also our Human rights, influencing the way that the raw materials are sustainably sourced and mined is commendable.  They’re a company that cares and deserves support and recognition for their values. So how does their product compare? Well, their range is limited with 2 models to currently choose from.  The Polestar1 and Polestar 2.  It’s time for change with a transition from petrol and diesel to electrically charged.  On first appearance I’m pleasantly delighted with the exterior design, it doesn’t look too futuristic, it’s not an SUV, it’s a lovely saloon with a good level of styling.

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Electric vehicles are our future, what better way to begin this new chapter than with a company that displays and demonstrates a solid structure of unrivalled ethical core values?

Early reports indicate that the lifespan could be 10-20 years.  Polestar are currently investing time and resources into this area of concern, concentrating on repurposing, repair, and refurbishment.

Just like with the conventional gas fuel source, this varies between model, the road conditions, your driving style.  Polestar have a range assistance to give you an idea of likely range based on several external factors

We need to overcome the range anxiety, the only way to change this is with behavioural changes.  It’s no different to other aspects in your life.  For example, can you lose weight if you eat the same food and don’t change your lifestyle?  For change to happen, you must make a change.  Instead of only filling up once per week or month like you’re used to, make the subtle changes, when you park charge it.  When you arrive at home or work, charge it.  When you go shopping, park, and charge, incorporate this small change into your routine; consistently topping up your charge.  Plan those longer journeys, be prepared.  Remember prior preparation prevents poor performance.  Arrange your lunch or break near to a rapid charge point.  Behavioural changes are always the key to a permanent change.

Yes, you can.  We have a range of electric cars available on lease with no huge initial outlay.

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 Steve Pritchard Steve Pritchard This is the second time of using NVS and as always it was a professional and efficient service throughout.
5 stars

This is the second time of using NVS and as always it was a professional and efficient service throughout. Clear communication at each stage and the price was the cheapest around.

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