DS Lease Deals

DS Car Lease Deals

Looking towards DS Lease Car Deals ?

DS Automobiles were first introduced as a premium marque of PSA Group in 2009 under Citroen. Very quickly the DS3 proved to be a very popular car for lease. The contrasting roof helped increase the amount of DS Sales, since first launch the brand as expanded it’s collection of models.
Many customers consider the DS lease deals when searching for lease car deals. We offer Nationwide vehicle contracts for all UK customers. You can select car leasing deals on our website and submit an enquiry for more information.

When searching for lease car special offers you’ll find that many of the cheap lease deals have a delivery deadline or can be based on pre-registered vehicles. Pre-registered cars are still brand new cars however they’ve already been registered with the DVLA and have a registration number. They will be parked up and more often than not still won’t have been PDI’d (pre delivery inspected) and cleaned for delivery. These cars will only have delivery mileage and will not have been driven by another user.

Maintaining your DS Lease Car

You can choose to include a maintenance package with all of the lease agreements that we offer, this will increase your fixed monthly payments. If you don’t select a maintenance package, you must maintain the vehicle in line with manufacturers guidelines. Manufacturers warranty is included with all of our car leasing deals. The leasing company are the registered owner and keeper of the lease cars so will arrange the road tax every year. Some manufacturers also include breakdown cover with their warranty.

What happens at the end of my DS Lease?

When the car leasing agreement comes to an end, you’ll make arrangements directly to return the car. They’ll collect the vehicle from you and will usually inspect the vehicle a few days beforehand. All leasing companies are members of the BVRLA so will work within their remit regarding the fair wear and tear guide when inspecting your lease car. They’ll note your vehicle mileage on the day of collection, any additional mileage to what was detailed on your finance contracts will incur excess mileage charges.

Will I get my deposit back at the end of my DS Lease?

No. Any money that was paid at the beginning of your lease is an initial payment. The initial payment forms part of the leasing payments. The higher the initial rental, the lower your fixed monthly cost. When you start your lease you can select the contract length, annual mileage and initial rental. At the end of the contract you can either select another personal car leasing deal or even explore buying a car using another funding method. The lease will only last for a set period of time, although some leasing companies will allow contract extensions."

What our customers say...

 Marius Motac Marius Motac Very happy with the service and the whole process was very easy and efficient. Top class Company.
5 stars

I have recently purchased my first car through national vehicle solutions. They are competitive in price and provide great communication.

Very happy with the service and the whole process was very easy and efficient. Top class Company.

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