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SUV Leasing Deals

SUV Leasing Deals

The SUV market has combusted over the last decade, becoming one of the most overcrowded there is.  With so many SUV leasing deals to choose from, it can become quite confusing and overwhelming knowing which one exactly to choose.  Well broken down, we have the Prestige offerings which vastly range across all sizes from compact Audi Q2 lease deals to Mercedes GLB cars on lease.  SUV’s tend to fit between 4 levels outside of the Prestige marque, you have the Compact Crossover, Crossover, Mid-Size and Full-size.  An SUV – Sports Utility Vehicle, isn’t as we once knew it either.   When they were first launched they were build for differing terrains, 4 wheel drive, rarely driven on normal road surfaces, where-as now, they are mainly designed for road usage and a little milder terrain can be manged by most but not all.  Along with this, not all are 4-wheel drive, with the majority being 2-wheel drive.

They’ve became incredibly popular with growing families as our lifestyle over the years has changed significantly, who’d have thought 20 years ago that an SUV would be used for the school commute during weekdays?  As our lives have changed and we’ve found ourselves working 5 miles from home, our children’s schools 2.5 miles away.  Having to cram into our daily lives, the school run, work, shopping, the gym, after school activities along with a list a mile long of extra things that you need to do too, we’ve searched for ease; a car that’s going to be versatile, flexible and fit into our lives seamlessly driven by comfort; hence the market erupted with the answer and offered us the SUV.  There’s an abundance of choice, so finding one that suits you won’t be easy, sometimes we can have too many options.  The best-selling SUV lease deals in 2021 was Nissan Qashqai car leasing, followed by Ford Puma on lease and then Kia Sportage leasing deals.  It could well be said that the 2021 registrations are distorted due to manufacturers encountering delays caused by the semiconductor shortage, we’ve seen many models suffer catastrophic results as a direct impact of this.  Perhaps it's a premium SUV that you're interested in, for example  an Audi Q7 on lease, an Audi Q5 on lease, BMW X5 M lease deals or Land Rover Defender lease?

Forever developing this segment, we’re finding newer SUV’s being launched as plug-in hybrid or fully electric only, consistently adapting to market trends.  As we as a Nation become more aware of our own carbon footprint, we find ourselves making commendable greener choices.

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