Subaru Leasing

If you're looking for a great driving option with an impeccable safety record, then something in the Subaru range could be the top personal car lease for you. Subaru are a Japanese company with a proud manufacturing history. They're perhaps most famous for the use of 'boxer' engines in their vehicles, which make use of a novel arrangement of pistons to provide excellent stability and performance. In terms of modern Subaru models, there are a whole range of great car lease options to choose between, from the nippy and fun Subaru BRZ, with its great handling and good acceleration, to the solid and functional Legacy Tourer with smooth drive and excellent luggage capacity.

Subaru Lease Deals

It's easy to see why so many people keep going back to Subarus. They have recently topped the awards across many models for their great safety standards. Each car features a range of qualities that are designed to minimise risk and improve overall safety in the event of a collision. In motorsports the Subaru rally team command respect, and a range of different teams show off the power and performance of the Subaru Impreza in difficult rally conditions.

Subaru Contract Hire 

Subaru offer a reliable option when it comes to car leasing. A cursory glance shows you the range along with business and personal leasing options available. There are four models to choose from in total: the BRZ Coupe, Forester, Legacy Outback and Legacy Tourer, any of which would make a great addition to a company's vehicle capacity. Have a browse and see which Subaru option suits you best for reliable personal car leasing.