Why Now is a Great Time to Convert to an Electric Car Lease

Why now is the time to switch to an electric car lease

Why now is the time to switch to an electric car lease

We all know that the UK Government have announced that they are preventing the sale of conventional fossil fuelled vehicles from 2030 and that all cars sold must have zero emissions by 2035.  But given the massive price rise in petrol and diesel at the forecourts, with pump prices rising by obscene levels, why wait to make the change?

If there’s ever been a time to invest in an electric lease car, now is the time to do it.   According to zap map, 20% of the UK’s electric charge points are completely free to use.   


So where exactly are these charge points?  Well, the vast majority that are offered free are situated at a Supermarket, followed by public car park, Dealerships and Retail parks.  By cleverly planning your week, you could arrange your diary to be encompassed around the location of completely free charging; especially if you live in Scotland.

Charge place Scotland, which is supported by Transport for Scotland offer around 1,000 free charging points for your car.  Scotland by population currently have the most free charging points available to the Public, when you measure the amount of charging points available against the number of people that live there.

Why do the Companies offer free car charging you may ask?  Well, firstly it’s a massive selling point to encourage customers to use them.  Take your local supermarket for example, Tesco have 600 free charging points across 300 locations.  If you have an electric car, you can charge for free whilst you do the weekly shop, the question would be why wouldn’t you shop there?

Lots of hotels have started to offer this too, it’s a way to encourage customers to choose them over their rivals, at a time when the cost of energy and conventional fuels are soaring; it’s a fantastic marketing strategy.

Planning your journey based on when you’re going to charge your car is key.  A change in your behavior is the secret to successfully managing an electric car.  You can’t just top up once or twice per month like you’d do with a petrol or diesel car, instead seize the opportunity to top up your charge regularly.   Accessing Zap-map shows you exactly where the charging points are, what type of charge is available, if there's any parking or connection fees and whether or not that point charges or is free to use.  It's a must tool to help plan your week.

Whilst charging may be free, make sure to pay attention to the area that you’re in.  There may be parking charges at times.  Some Supermarkets for example have a free stay parking limit for up to 1.5 HRS, with no return within a 24 HR period.  Some charging points may require a card or subscription, even if it’s free to use.

Let’s be frank and honest though, you may need to plan your trip and pay particular attention to the fact that you will need to charge more frequently than you fuel, but how much can you save per year by managing the recharging efficiently so that it is completely free?

Has there ever been a better time to invest in an electric lease car?

If you’re still not convinced by the hundreds or thousands of pounds you’d save each year, remember these are the reasons why converting to an electric car makes sense:-

  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Cleaner Environment
  • No congestion charges
  • Lower running costs
  • Better Driving experience
  • Free Parking

Now we know that not every household has access to off-street parking, so a good public infrastructure is required to enable everyone to be able to convert to electric cars.  The Department of transport in partnership with Britain Thinks produced a comprehensive report on the future of Britain's car charging infrastructure 

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