Maintenance plans for cars on lease

Maintenance Plans for Cars on Lease

Car leasing maintenance options explained, what is included and what's not.

Maintenance plans for a car on lease

Maintenance plans for a car on lease

There are maintenance plans for a car on lease available, you just need to request a specific quotation to include this.

If you choose to take out a non maintained contract for a car on lease, you are then fully responsible for the servicing and maintenance of that vehicle, in line with the Manufacturers guidelines.  


Many leasing companies - mainly the manufacturer owned ones, do stipulate that you must service and maintain the vehicle with an approved main dealer.

As main dealer servicing can cost more than a local non franchise garage it can sometimes be more cost effective to take you car leasing agreement out on a fully maintained basis.

You will be responsible for any vehicle deterioration that is not deemed to be fair wear and tear, so you should carry out regular checks and take good care of your lease car.

Regular maintenance checks would include:-

  • Tyre pressure and tyre depth
  • Check coolant/oil/ad blue/water levels
  • Responding immediately to any amber or red lights that may appear on the dashboard.

There are 2 different maintenance plans that you can select between, these are service and maintenance and service, maintenance and tyres.

Service and Maintenance only lease

A car lease agreement with a service and maintenance plan would cover all routine servicing, maintenance and repairs, including the following key components:-

  • Brake repairs
  • Cooling systems
  • Transmission
  • Engine
  • Suspension
  • Electrical Components 
  • MOT

Your lease vehicle will benefit from manufacturers warranty so any fault that appears on the vehicle that isn't caused my wear and tear, should be covered by the Manufacturer.  

Consequential damage caused by driving style or misuse would not be covered.  If a DPF is fitted to your lease car, it's important that you know how to regenerate it, should the warning indicator light appears.

Fully Maintained Contract Including Tyres

Fully Maintained Contract Including Tyres

A fully maintained car leasing agreement with include all of the above benefits, plus the addition of tyres.

Tyre replacement is included for wear.  It does not cover flat tyres caused by a sharp item, as this has been caused through consequential damage.  

If the tyre was soon to be replaced and is showing excessive wear then it's likely that the leasing company would cover this.

It's important to know that should you need to purchase a new tyre due to a puncture, that whilst you do not need to replace like for like in terms of brand, you must replace the tyre with the exact same size and speed rating that was placed on the vehicle from new



When you take a fully maintained contract, please be aware that there's still exclusions that you'll be responsible for, this includes:-

  • Fluid top up between services
  • Glass
  • Puncture Repair
  • Warranty Repair
  • Body Work
  • Damage Caused through incorrect use
  • DPF
  • Wheel Alignment 
  • Mis-fueling 

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