Is your cars air conditioning running effectively?

Time to check your cars cooling system

Time to check your cars cooling systems

Rarely in Britain do we have the weather that invites us to let the roof down from our convertibles, but it's certainly the season at the moment.

With temperatures soaring across Britain it's time to check your cars cooling systems, if you haven't already done so as part of a recent routine service.

Now depending on how old your car is, you my not have to top up the gas in the air conditioning unit.  Over time air conditioning can become less effective, this is mainly due to leaks of gas caused by clogged filters or worn seals.  Most service centres offer a re-gassing service with varying costs starting from around £30+VAT.

If you feel like the temperature of your air conditioning is not as cool as it used to be a simple re-gas may be your solution.

When your air conditioning unit is working effectively, it can also help to filter the air quality of the air circulating inside the cabin, this includes pollen and bacteria, so it can even help assist drivers and passengers if they suffer from hay fever.

Gas can also escape if the unit isn't used regularly, so it's important to switch on the air conditioning often even when it's not hot outside.

Most manufacturers recommend that the air conditioning unit is serviced every 24 months, some Dealers include this within their routine service, but the inclusions and exclusions will vary by Garage. 

It's important to check the manufacturers brochure and handbook to ensure you're aware of all manufacturer recommendations.  If you do not service and maintain your vehicle as per the manufacturers guidelines, you could invalidate your warranty and face fees from your leasing company when your lease car is handed back to the funder at the end of the agreement.

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