Electric Car Range Anxiety

You may not be surprised that range anxiety is a real issue here in the UK, along with the initial outlay cost it is a real concern for British motorists.

Electric Car Range Anxiety

Electric Car Range Anxiety

You may not be surprised that electric car range anxiety is a real issue here in the UK, along with the initial outlay cost it is a real concern for British motorists.  I was speaking with a colleague the other day and he mentioned to me a great analogy, which got me thinking.  He said that he was discussing it with someone else and they asked him to turn the fuel sources around.  Imagine that you’d been driving an electric vehicle all your motoring life.  Imagine that you’d had to top up your charge regularly, where the only worry you had was that you had to arrange your day based on where you were going to top up that source.  He then said, now imagine that someone said that you only had to top up your fuel source every 500 mile (obviously fuel tank size and engine dependent) but by choosing this option, you’d be sitting above a highly flammable liquid each journey that could cause an explosion if it was to meet a flame or upon impact?  Which one would you suffer with anxiety over more?  Now, when he put it this way; I couldn’t believe that we are more concerned over range.

The fact is that we overcome many anxieties in life with behavioral changes.  Take losing weigh as an example.  You can’t eat the same foods as before, not adapt to a healthier lifestyle and expect to lose weight.  As the great saying goes, for change to happen you must first make a change.  Routine is key.  We need to adapt, factor a top up of charge into our busy daily lives.  Planning is the key to everything, what do they say?  Prior preparation prevents poor performance?  Arrange that business trip through a route that allows a rapid charge whilst grabbing a coffee.  Collect the children from nursery, perhaps walk the last 5 minutes cause there’s a rapid charge point around the corner?  Reserve a charging point in a car park whilst on that shopping trip.  Remember to charge the vehicle overnight.  Small changes will help us lead a more sustainable zero carbon footprint lifestyle. 


My husband and I travel to Spain via France in the car each Summer, I’ve always said that an electric car won’t be suitable for us due to this annual trip, but the reality is, with the correct planning it is possible, and we’ll be helping the environment by significantly reducing our greenhouse gases.

Car Manufacturers are working hard to advance technologies to make production and sourcing of raw materials more sustainable, they are continually investing in the development of Electric cars.  This includes rapid charge times.  It is hoped that within the next 3 to 5 years that the time it takes to fully charge an Electric vehicle will rapidly reduce to only 5 minutes.

At the moment the cost to purchase an electric vehicle is higher than the same vehicle produced fuelled by petrol or diesel, but as this sector develops and production increases, we’ll start to see costs falling more in line with their counterparts.   

There is some great information we found to help How far can you go on a single charge?

A car is a depreciating asset, it is widely known that you should buy something that appreciates and lease something that depreciates.  We have some great deals listed for Electric car lease

This comes back to technology and whilst there’s lots of non-franchise garages, many won’t have the skills, knowledge, or equipment to repair and service them, so you would need to take the car to a main dealer, which can cost more.

Not as standard, all our electric lease car deals listed are based on a non-maintained contract, however service and maintenance packages are available at an additional cost, just ask us for a tailored quotation.

Initial data suggests that it costs on average and additional 10-15% on your annual premiums to insure an electric car.  It is widely speculated that the increase in premium is due to the cost of repair, given that their parts are not widely available and that not many garages have the skill set or equipment to repair an Electric Vehicle.

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