7 Seat Car Lease Deals

We've lots of 7 seat car lease deals available to cater for all budgets, from the Peugeot 5008 through to the Audi Q7.

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7 Seat Car Lease Deals

7 Seat Car Lease Deals

I remember these days well, when my family needed a 7 Seater vehicle.  My husband and I had 4 children, I remember spending weeks and hours on end researching the market, reading reviews, checking prices and boot capacity.  I didn’t want to forfeit the boot capacity by needing that seat up in the rear but equally, so I didn’t have an unlimited budget.  At the time leasing an Audi Q7 suited our family perfectly in terms of size but was out of my budget.  Leasing a VW Touareg was the same size and in budget, but only had 5 seats.  Whilst a Nissan Qashqai lease had 7 seats was in budget, but you lost boot capacity by having the 3rd row of seats up.  It was a total minefield.  What were we willing to sacrifice to order the car that my family needed?  My eldest child is 22 now, 2 of my children drive with the 3rd learning, so we no longer require a 7-seat vehicle, which is typical as the market has moved on so much since I needed one 12 years ago.

7 Seater Car Leasing Options 

The VW Tiguan recently moved into the market by adding a 7 seat VW Tiguan Allspace lease to their range.  If you lease a Skoda Kodiaq, this model offers 7 seats and can be ordered as 2- or 4-wheel drive in manual, automatic petrol or diesel.  I think that this model looks like an older shape BMW X5 lease car and to be honest would be my choice if it had been available 12 years ago when I needed a 7-seat vehicle.  With this model, its very reasonably priced, large enough for 7 people as well as offering good load capacity when all seats are up.  You can also select a more powerful engine to reduce drag due to the increased weight.

A Seat Tarraco lease is a relative newcomer too and appears to offer similar practicalities and value as Skoda car leasing deals.  I think the rear is likened in image to its relative the Audi Q7, albeit the pre-current model design.  Now if budget isn’t an issue, then I’m sure that you’ll be comparing the Audi Q7, with the BMW X5, a Mercedes GLB lease and the increasingly popular Volvo XC90 on lease.

Peugeot entered the market with the 5008 lease car which rivals the Skoda Kodiaq and Seat Tarraco.  The Seat Tarraco was named as best large SUV for Fleets in the Fleet World Great British Fleet Awards.  The Land Rover Discovery was awarded the best 7-seat SUV by Parkers 2022.

If you’re interested in leasing a 7-seater vehicle, then please get in touch with us for further information, we’re waiting to take your call.  With so many options available, finalizing the car lease details is so important, let us help you navigate through the choices you have available.