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Best SUV Leasing deals

SUV’s are becoming increasingly popular with families.  Gone are the days when it was only farmers and those that lived in areas covered by hectares of land that drove an SUV.  In more recent years SUVs have been manufactured to cope with light rugged terrain conditions, but mostly built for road usage.  Manufacturers have identified a massive uptake in families opting for an SUV over the previous favourite family sized saloon.  An SUV is so versatile, it’s an ideal choice for those camping or caravan trips away, great for commuting, towing and with ample boot capacity it can even help with transporting larger household purchases.   Once dubbed as gas-guzzlers, many have managed to overcome their reputation and become more environmentally friendly with hybrid and fully electrically charged offerings. 

So, which is the best SUV?  Well, it’s no surprise that in 2021 the Nissan Qashqai was the most popular SUV with 29,992 new car registrations.  The Qashqai has been the UK’s bestselling SUV since its launch 10 years previously.  But what was quite surprising was that the Ford Puma wasn’t far behind with 28,697registrations in 2021, making this the bestselling compact SUV.  The Kia Sportage came in at 3rd place with 27,611 registrations.   Now we could be forgiven for believing that all registrations are distorted in 2021, due to the manufacturing issues caused by the shortage in semi-conductor chips.  If we look at Ford alone, the Fiesta doesn’t even feature in the top 10 of 2021 registrations, when it’s held top spot for several years.  Manufacturers have changed production based on availability and then the Kia Sportage has a facelifted model for 2022, so Dealers would have been registering old models ahead of the new model launch.  So, what data can we rely on to tell us what the best SUV’s in the market are?  Truthfully, it depends on what requirements you have.  The VW Tiguan has led the desirability stakes for a few years with sales with us, closely followed by the Seat Ateca and Skoda Kamiq.  The BMW X5 has been dubbed as the best automatic as not only is it comfortable but also fun to drive.  Autocar has named the Audi Q5 as the best family SUV, whilst the Driver Power survey has the Skoda Kodiaq ranked as number 1 for reliability.

We find that with most SUV car leasing deals, the main deciding factor for a customer’s next lease car is the price point and how well that car fits into their lifestyle.  The sheer boot capacity alone in most SUV’s adapt for growing families, lifestyle hobbies and plentiful luggage storage.  Many drivers find that once they’ve driven an SUV, they quickly get used to the higher positioning on the road and don’t want to change back.

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