Ordering Process of car leasing

Our Full Process for Car Leasing UK

From ordering your new lease car to taking delivery, here is everything you need to know about leasing with National Vehicle Solutions

Searching for your next lease car

Searching for your next lease car

You can browse our site searching for your next lease car.  The site has been designed with users in mind making it easy to navigate through your options.  There are two prices displayed on each term, one for business and one for personal.   You can alter the parameters of the lease by adjusting the initial rental, annual mileage, and length of the agreement. 

Business car leasing rentals are displayed excluding VAT.

Personal Car leasing rentals are displayed including VAT.

Car Leasing UK Guide

Requesting a Lease Car Quotation

Once you’ve selected one or more vehicle, you can either request a quotation online or call us on 0191 356 1001.   Remember that we can supply quotations on any make and model providing it’s still manufactured for the UK market.  We usually advertise mileages of up to 15,000 miles online, however we can provide quotations in increments of 1,000 for up to 50,000 miles per annum and from 5-6,000 miles.  Maintenance plans are also available.  We’ll e-mail or text your quotation across to you.  It’s important that you check all the details of your quotation, including any options that you may have applied to the vehicle.  If there’s any amendments required, you can request these changes via e-mail or by calling us, we always offer the  best lease deals on cars first time.

Applying for finance

When we send you your official quotation via e-mail or text, you’ll be sent a link to follow enabling you to proceed with the quotation and apply for finance.  You can also apply through our website.  We are unable to take applications over the telephone.  Once we receive your completed application, we’ll confirm receipt and submit it to the funder. 

Placing your Order

We’ll raise your vehicle order, the document will include the full details of the vehicle, including the full vehicle description, colour, optional equipment, fuel type, transmission along with the term of the agreement, annual mileage, initial rental, and monthly payment.  Our processing fee of £199.99+VAT is due at this stage.  We’ll email and text the link across to you, for you to check over all the details to make sure that you’re completely satisfied before committing to order.  Our terms and conditions of business are displayed on your order form, so make sure that you take time to read through the full document before digitally signing and returning it to us through the system.

Order Placed

Once we receive your signed order form, we’ll confirm receipt with you and place the vehicle on order with the Dealership.  Lead times of vehicles vary, some are ordered from stock, whilst others are factory ordered.  You’ll have been advised at the quotation stage of the estimated delivery date of your vehicle, however as lead times can fluctuate regular updates will be available from the admin team. 

Signing your finance contracts

Some funders require their finance contracts signed at point of order, whereas others don’t issue their contracts until the vehicle is built and has a chassis number.  It’s important that you sign and return the finance contracts as soon as they’re issued by the funder to ensure that the rentals are locked in.  Our admin team will help talk you through this process, we’re unable to move to the delivery stage until these documents have been actioned.

Delivery of your New Car

Delivery of your brand-new lease car also acts as an additional proof of identity; this means that we can only deliver to your home or work address.  You can also select to collect the vehicle directly from the Dealership in most cases.  Unless you pay an additional levy for transported delivery the vehicle will be driven to you from the PDI centre or supplying dealer.  We ask that the driver takes the vehicle to a car wash near to you, to jet wash any surface dust and mud from the vehicle to ensure that you’re able to inspect a clean car.  You will never be rushed or coerced into signing the delivery note, you’ll have time to check the vehicle fully for damage before signing to accept the vehicle.  If in the unlikely event that the vehicle is delivered with damage, we ask that you ensure that this is written on the delivery note, take images and then contact us immediately.

Delivery takes place Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays between 8am and 6pm.  Whist we can’t give an exact time of delivery, if you contact us the day before delivery, we can usually advise whether your delivery is scheduled for AM or PM.  The delivery driver will contact you approx. an hour before delivery using the contact number you’ve provided for the day of delivery.

Lease Payments

The initial rental is usually taken from your bank account 14 days after delivery, most funders send you a letter to confirm that the agreement has been activated and when the initial rental will be taken from your account.  We advise all customers to ensure that the initial rental payment is in their account from the day of delivery.  Your monthly payments will then commence one calendar month after delivery.

Got a question? Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.

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