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Volvo V60 Lease

The Volvo V60 has a unique shape and has a different appeal to other cars on the market. This car has small features and detail which adds visual effects to the overall appearance giving it a dynamic and unusual feel. With the ability to find and pay for parking and to stream music, the V60 does not fail to impress. It’s ergonomic front seats and adaptable rear seats enable you and your passengers to drive as comfortably as possible. The Volvo V60 has an abundance of attributes going for it, such as the heated seats,(in both front and rear seats) ideal for a long drive through the winter months, an adjustable heated steering wheel and the choice of a fuel/diesel/ethanol engine, also a power outlet where you can charge phones and electronic devices whilst on the go! A great choice of a lease car!

Volvo V60 Leasing

Leasing a Volvo V60 may not be as fun as driving a sharp, little sports car, however would be much more practical while still having a trendy, sleek exterior. And if you think about it honestly, a car which covers family needs highers in importance over a car which you’d drive around specifically for pleasure. The Volvo V60 would be a fantastic car to lease, not just because leasing is a cheaper option, but for the fact that the V60 would provide immense safety for your family but also has a spacious cabin indoors to ensure that your journeys never become cramped of uncomfortable. Although this Volvo V60 would be a great option for leasing to any age, gender or type of person, the main appeal would generally be to a family as the car has multiple places for storage and technology to suit the younger generation.

Volvo V60 Contract Hire

After choosing a colour, you can add your own specifications and accessories for the vehicle. Leasing this car and paying every month is a great way to spread the cost of having a stylish modern car which you can show off without feeling like its cost you an arm and a leg! The array of Volvo cars is extensive and the V60 is just one of the astounding cars they have manufactured in order for their customers desires to be met. If you think the Volvo V60 would be a good addition in your family, apply for a lease car now or give us a ring and arrange it with one of our friendly advisers on 0191 356 1001.

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Volvo S60SALOON T4 [190] SE Nav 4dr [Leather]
Only £198.51 per month
48 months
£1786.59 + 47 x £198.51
5000 mpa
    Volvo S60 SALOON T4 [190] SE Nav 4dr [Leather]
Volvo V60D2 [120] Business Edition 5dr
Only £198.6 per month
48 months
£1787.4 + 47 x £198.6
5000 mpa
    Volvo V60 D2 [120] Business Edition 5dr
Volvo XC60ESTATE T5 [245] SE Nav 5dr Geartronic [Leather]
Only £255.53 per month
48 months
£2299.77 + 47 x £255.53
5000 mpa
    Volvo XC60 ESTATE T5 [245] SE Nav 5dr Geartronic [Leather]
Volvo S902.0 D4 Momentum 4dr Geartronic
Only £301.44 per month
48 months
£2712.96 + 47 x £301.44
5000 mpa
    Volvo S90 2.0 D4 Momentum 4dr Geartronic
Volvo V902.0 D4 Momentum 5dr Geartronic
Only £317.04 per month
48 months
£2853.36 + 47 x £317.04
5000 mpa
    Volvo V90 2.0 D4 Momentum 5dr Geartronic
Volvo XC902.0 D5 PowerPulse Momentum 5dr AWD Geartronic
Only £429.91 per month
48 months
£3869.19 + 47 x £429.91
5000 mpa
    Volvo XC90 2.0 D5 PowerPulse Momentum 5dr AWD Geartronic
Volvo V40HATCHBACK T2 [122] Momentum Nav Plus 5dr
Only £154.4729 per month
48 months
£1390.2563 + 47 x £154.4729
5000 mpa
    Volvo V40 HATCHBACK T2 [122] Momentum Nav Plus 5dr

Initial Payment £2,000.00
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per month
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£191.50 per month
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