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Mini Convertible Lease

They’re small, compact, and very modern. Coming in a range of colours, these stylish little run arounds would suit most young people or single middle aged women or men as these cars have a spacious inside but a limited amount of people. All mini coopers have an established look, even the larger models, the mini jeep. They are recognisable for their up to date exterior and box like structure. Usually, people don’t like cars of an outlandish colours, but unusually, Minis are one few cars which look appealing regardless of the colour! Yellow, black, silver or red, minis have an established appearance. It already sounds amazing and the convertible roof hasn’t been mentioned yet! Leasing a convertible mini would not only give you an urban edgy car, but a smooth drive in a chic car!

Mini Convertible Leasing

The Mini convertible is not the first of the mini generation. Each type of mini which has been produced had been subtlety enhanced in order to keep customers keen in the all new, fresh car, but to also keep the mini trademark appearance. With or without it's roof down, the car looks sleek and the variety of colour is the icing on the cake! Whether it be a student or a middle aged woman, the mini convertible would please any driver, as it gives you a 'go kart' feel whilst it's roof is descended, making your life a lot more enjoyable as cars are an essential in 99% of people's lives. Let the mini convertible accompany you though the years, it will give u the option to be warm and secure in the winter months, and cool and fresh in the summer months with the ascending roof! ‘WhatCar’ rated the Mini Convertible 4 stars out of 5 over all for the styling, refinement and safety which all lives up to the outstanding reputation that Mini own!

Mini Convertible Contract Hire

Not just is the exterior of good quality, but the interior is as good as the outside. Despite the descriptive and straight to the point name of the vehicle, the convertible offers a comfortable seat and a reasonable amount of leg room. They rear cabin has a relatively small space for luggage or storage as the oblong shaped structure provides a larger area at the front however this is no reason to be put off as a convertible is not the type of transport recommended for travelling. If you are looking for a car for leasing, and want a snappy little run around which whispers sophistication yet fun, versatile and quirky in appearance, the mini convertible is the car of your dreams! Treat yourself to a new set of wheels and drive away with a mini convertible!

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In stock
Mini HATCHBACK1.5 Cooper 5dr [Pepper Pack]
Only £129.06 per month
36 months
£2000 + 35 x £129.06
5000 mpa
    Mini HATCHBACK 1.5 Cooper 5dr [Pepper Pack]
  • Based on metallic Midnight Black
In stock
Delivery time
3 weeks
Mini HATCHBACK1.5 Cooper 5dr [Chili Pack]
Only £168.56 per month
36 months
£2400 + 35 x £168.56
5000 mpa
    Mini HATCHBACK 1.5 Cooper 5dr [Chili Pack]
  • Price based on Moonwalk Grey
  • Black roof and mirror caps
In stock
Mini HATCHBACK1.5 Cooper 5dr [JCW Sport Pack]
Only £123.07 per month
36 months
£2000 + 35 x £123.07
5000 mpa
    Mini HATCHBACK 1.5 Cooper 5dr [JCW Sport Pack]

Initial Payment £2,000.00
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per month
Personal Deal
£132.55 per month
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