New Volkswagen Leasing offers just loaded Volkswagen T-Roc Lease starting from SE version 144.10+vat SEL £148.91+vat R-LINE £158.98+vat 🔥🚗🔥 Whilst we make every effort to display the best prices please use Confirm your quote option, so we can confirm we are offering you the best deal available - We can offer all mileages/term options on request  click here if you know what vehicle your looking for -🔥🚗🔥Audi A1 Lease from £126.40+vat 🔥🚗🔥 VW GOLF Lease from £113.30+vat 🔥🚗🔥 SEAT ARONA LEASE from £102.78+vat 🔥🚗🔥 SKODA KAROQ Leasing from £113.17+vat 🔥🚗🔥 RENAULT CAPTUR Leasing from £118.03+vat 🔥🚗🔥 SKODA KODIAQ Leasing from £155.24+vat 🔥🚗🔥 Volkswagen ARTEON Lease Deals from 155.03+vat 🔥🚗🔥 SKODA OCTAVIA Lease from £68.60 +vat 🔥🚗🔥


Latest News

4th October 2016 - An important communication from VWFS

We’re changing the rates we charge for excess mileage on PCP and contract hire agreements

Our excess mileage charges for new and used car quotations on Solutions Personal Contract Plan (PCP) agreements and contract hire will change on Tuesday 4 October.

We are adjusting the rates to better reflect the vehicle’s depreciation as mileage changes. Rates will be based on engine fuel type, brand and more relevant engine size categories. You can download a list of the new rates below.

We have not reviewed our charges for a number of years, meaning they are no longer suited to the market, and do not accurately reflect the depreciation that occurs as mileage increases.

All existing saved customer quotes or proposals with a valid proposal number entered in Connect Online up to close of business on Monday 3 October will retain the current rates. Make sure you save quotes and proposals to retain the existing rates.

All new quotes and proposals entered in Connect OnLine from Tuesday 4 October will have the new excess mileage rates applied.

26th September - Ford launch the ST 5DR, available to order in October 2016

The five-door Ford Fiesta ST, which is already on sale in America, is finally available in the UK. This model will now be more practical than the three-door Ford Fiesta ST, as it makes it easier for people to climb into the back seats. Now it is a better family car!
This car will only be offered in ST-2 and ST-3 trim levels. ST-2 adds heater elements to the front seats, which are now made of partial leather, keyless start, tinted windows and LED daytime running lights. It also adds a new Sony multimedia system which has a larger 4.2-inch screen. ST-3 adds keyless entry to the keyless start system, cruise control, automatic lights and wipers, a sat-nav, power-folding mirrors and proper climate control.
The car still has the same 1.6-litre turbo engine with 180bph that the 3-door model had, and it is enough to reach 62mph in 6.9 seconds. Ford estimates that 25% of customers will now choose the five-door model over the three-door, due to it being more family friendly. Sales are due to start in October in the UK.

22nd September - Planning to drive outside of the UK?  Then you may find this information useful!

If you are planning to take your lease car abroad for a holiday, you need to make sure that you have all of the recommended equipment for your car. Vehicles that are travelling in Europe must have their registration document with them in the car but with car rental and leasing companies, they don’t want you to be carrying the registration documents with you in case they get lost or stolen.

Firstly, you must request a Vehicle on Hire certificate from your leasing company (the company that you make the repayments to each month). To ensure it arrives in time, you should apply for the certificate at least 14 days before your planned departure from the UK. This will contain the name and the address of the hirer; it is necessary proof that the hirer is permitting the customer to take the car abroad. Photocopies of the certificate are not acceptable. It is extremely important that you take your certificate with you because if you forget it and you get stopped abroad, you risk receiving a fine or worse by having your vehicle impounded.

Next; check the laws for the Country that you are travelling to ensure that you’re abiding by each countries laws whilst passing though or travelling to. It’s a common myth that drivers believe that if they’re caught speeding abroad, their UK license is not affected, this is incorrect. Before you set off ensure that everything works correctly, for example the tyre pressure and fluid levels, do you have European breakdown cover, do you know where the tyre repair kit is? Did you return the lock and wheel nuts to the boot after you used them last time, this is certainly not the time to remember they’re in your Garage at home whilst you’re stuck on the E 15 in France!

We use France as an example as not only is it one of the most popular places where people from the UK travel abroad but it is our Gateway to the rest of Europe. Some of their driving laws include: 

- Headphones and headsets cannot be worn whilst driving, whether you are the driver or a passenger in the car.

- You must not use your horn in built-up areas unless it is an emergency.

- From July 2015, the drink drive limit is 0.02% for novice drivers (drivers with under three years of experience).

- Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to ride in the front seat, unless there are no rear seats in the car, the seatbelt doesn’t work for the rear seats, or all of the rear seats have been taken by other children under the age of 10.

- You must use dipped headlights in bad daytime visibility.

- If you are caught speeding more than 25km/h, you can get your license confiscated on the spot. Any convictions that you get while you are abroad will go down on your UK license.

- Pieces of equipment that include a screen must be turned away from the driver so they can’t see them and won’t get distracted by them. The driver should also not touch programs and devices whilst driving and only when parked in a safe area.

- You need to display either a GB sticker or a Euro Plate with a GB Euro symbol on it.

- Since January 2012, French laws have prohibited drivers from having any equipment or devices in their car that are able to detect speed cameras, like sat-navs and gps systems. If you have a sat-nav system built into the car that you’ve hired, then you should contact the vehicle manufacturer for advice on removing the system that detects the cameras in France.

- Drivers of all vehicles must carry an un-used certified breathalyser in their vehicle. French laws also recommend that you carry two of them, just in case one of them gets broken or lost.

- France recommends that drivers should use snow tyres (marked M&S) on roads that are covered with ice and snow.

- You should carry a warning triangle with you in case you break down in the middle of a dual carriageway.
Even if it’s not a legal requirement in the EU country that you are travelling to, it is still a good idea to carry a fire extinguisher, torch, first aid kit and spare bulbs in your car when travelling, particularly long distance.

For more information on what compulsory equipment is required in other countries, click then copy and paste the below link into your browser:- 


21st September - We are now a BVRLA Member!

We have exciting news!!! We are now a member of the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) which is the leading association for vehicle rental and leasing in the UK. It was founded in 1967 and currently has circa 800 members. Altogether, BVRLA members have around 3.8 million cars combined and the vehicle renting and leasing industry contributes up to £24.9 billion into the UK economy!

This is extremely good news for us as a company because membership gives us access to a wide range of different events, services and information, including industry training, fact sheets, forums and conferences. It also gives us access to the Fair Wear and Tear Guide which shows us what is acceptable and unacceptable when returning the car back to the finance company, something we can now forward to our customers as part of our standard service.

Additionally there are some great benefits for our customers too if they lease a vehicle through us as a member of the BVRLA:

- BVRLA also gives advice to their customers and offers a free conciliation service. If you can’t resolve a dispute with our company, you can refer to the conciliation service by emailing them the details of your dispute and they will try and rectify any the dispute within 5 working days.  You can still refer any compalint to the FCA in line with our complaints policy.

- All members of this association have to follow a specific code of conduct so this will assure you of our service commitment to you.

- The BVRLA will carry out random unannounced inspections to quality check the premises, staff; any vehicles on hire, along with our paperwork to ensure we are following the correct procedures to maintain our membership.

- There will be clear pricing on our website, with no misleading information, the rental will be clearly displayed, along with the initial payment and any documentation/administration or acceptance fees.

- All of our vehicles undergo a pre delivery inspection by our suppliers ensuring that the vehicles will be in the best condition possible, making sure that they are safe enough for the road.

We are so excited to be working with the BVRLA, as we see this as a great opportunity and essential with the growth our company is continuing to experience!


14th September 2016 - Peugeot’s first SUV

The Peugeot 2008 SUV is Peugeot’s first SUV and is very spacious and comfortable with a sleek interior. It is based on the 208 hatchback but it has room for 5 people in the car and has quite a lot of headroom and leg room for the driver and people in the back seats also. The boot space is 410 litres and it extends to 1,400 litres when you put the rear seats down. This car is very comfortable for the driver, due to the high driving position and the wheel being lower down so your arms are lower down and closer together. This way, it takes less time for the driver to get tired, so you can drive for longer with more precise steering. There are nine different body colours for the car, which includes the new Ultimate Red layered varnish, one pearlescent, five metallic colours and two solid shades. They also offer the car in 1.2-litre petrol or in 1.6 diesel. The diesel version offers better fuel economy.
This car has four different trim levels, Access A/C, Active, Allure and GT Line. The entry-level access trim level is quite well equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels, driver’s seat high adjustment, cruise control and air-conditioning. Active comes with 16-inch alloy wheels, a seven-inch infotainment screen, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth and DAB Radio. The Allure trim level comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, grip control (not with the 1.2-litre PureTech engine), rear parking sensors, dual zone air conditioning and dark-tinted windows, making this car look very luxurious. The GT Line also comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, sat nav, a panoramic sun-roof, a reversing camera and multiple interior upgrades, including black-gloss trim, red stitching around the seats and aluminium pedals.
This car is extremely safe, scoring an amazing five out of five stars on the crash test taken by EuroNCAP. Each version of the car contains six airbags, tyre-pressure sensors and hazard lights that turn on when you press the brake really hard. It also has Active City Brake, which is a new piece of technology that makes it possible to avoid an accident. There is a short range sensor that detects cars that are either stationary or are going in the same direction as you, and it will automatically trigger the emergency brake so you won’t crash into the car, or it will slow down the car to lessen the speed of the impact. It also has a piece of technology called Peugeot Connect SOS, where if the airbags inflate, the car will automatically phone emergency services and locate the car, and then send the right emergency service to the vehicle.

7th July 2016 - Hot Leasing Deals!

We’ve seen a very busy start to Quarter 3 with great special offers flying around in all directions. Quarter 1 was off to a very buoyant start to the year with record registrations and whilst Quarter 2 was in no least a poor Quarter it was certainly a lot less manic than Q1.  It would appear that all Manufacturers have been gearing up for Quarter 3, with some fantastic Limited offers from VW including the Scirocco, Golf Hatch GT and Golf R Estate (just ended), along with a loyalty programme due to be launched soon.

Not ready to be outshone by its partner within the VAG group both Audi and Seat have released some stonking offers on the Seat Leon Hatch Cupra, Audi A4, A7 and Q5. Whilst the A7 and Q5 are not what you’d call cheap with the A7 S-Line Ultra starting from £329.99+VAT with a P11D value of 49,655.00 it’s certainly extremely good value for money!
Not one to get left behind we have our classic Citroen C4 Cactus on special offer again for an 18 month contract, although at the rate they’re moving we expect to run out of vehicles in the next couple of days, so be quick if you want to secure your vehicle.  It’s certainly a love or loathe vehicle, but one that has proven to be very popular for us here at National Vehicle Solutions! We’ve also agreed a unique batch deal on C1 and DS3.

We’ve just loaded the rates for the heavily subsidised BMW 4 Series offer, across the Coupe, Gran Coupe and Cabriolet range, available to both business and personal customers alike, my favourite 4 Series has to be the Gran Coupe 420D M Sport Professional Media from only £209.62+VAT per month!

Over the next coming days we’ll continue to load on new business and personal car leasing deals so keep revisiting our site to see some fantastic savings!


5th July 2016 - Exciting New VW Leasing Offers


Over the last few days we’ve launched some great exciting VW leasing offers and have another amazing one to come!

As there’s 2,500 VW Golf R Hatchbacks due for renewal in the next 3-6 months VW are due to launch a Golf R Hatchback loyalty programme, the exact details of the offer has not been fully communicated as yet, however early indications have the headline rental pitched around the rates they were back in 2014.  Whilst this is amazing news for our existing Golf R hatchback customers the offer is not available to conquest customers, therefore a Limited offer on the Golf R Estate DSG has been launched with the rentals starting from only £154+VAT based on 10,000 miles per annum for any customer to take advantage of.  The vehicles are due to go into build next week, so cannot be amended, there’s Pure White at the website pricing or Deep Pearl black and Lapiz blue available at an additional cost. Allocation is extremely limited so we don’t expect the offer to be around long.

In addition to the VW Golf R Estate, there’s heavily subsidised rates on the VW Scirocco R-Line and GT along with the VW Golf Hatchback 1.6 TDI GT Edition Manual 5DR.

We’re still loading the rates to the site, so if there’s something of interest that’s not marked as a “special offer” then please get in touch with a member of the team who’ll happily assist you with the purchase of your next lease car.

Keep visiting our site for further details of the VW Golf R hatchback leasing offer or register your interest via an online enquiry form and we'll get in touch with you as soon as we have the full details of the offer! 



4th July 2016 - Business or Personal Leasing?


We’re asked on a regular basis, what the difference is between business and personal car leasing and is there really any benefits to taking the lease through a business.

Well in short, as the advertising regulators stipulate that all personal advertising must include VAT, sometimes at a glance business leasing can appear cheaper, however in most cases it is only the VAT element that is missing. 

Unless a business is registered for VAT, they’re unable to reclaim any of the VAT.  Even if they are VAT registered, they can only reclaim 50% of the VAT on the actual hire rental and 100% of the VAT on the maintenance element. Some businesses set their company car drivers a budget based on the effective rental, so essentially what the total cost equates to after they’ve reclaimed the VAT allowed.

It is true that some funders offer business contracts only, so on occasion we’ll have a heavily subsidised offer on a BMW 5 Series for example funded with Alphabet finance but as they don’t offer personal leasing contracts the personal rates through another funder can be far higher. Luckily most leasing companies offer business and personal car leasing contracts, most of them at the same cost, however some such as ALD tend to offer the personal contracts at around £5/month more than the business contract.

Whilst leasing your vehicle though a business can be advantageous particularly a Limited company with a Director looking to move home soon or with a business only funder with enhanced terms but it also means that no credit check will be conducted against you as an individual unless specifically requested if the net worth of the company is low.

Something to bear in mind though, is that the driver of the business vehicle will become liable for benefit in kind taxation, this is calculated based on 3 deciding factors, namely the P11d value of the vehicle (total OTR without discount minus the road fund license and registration fee), level of income tax that you currently pay (20%/40% or higher rate) and the vehicle C02 emissions. Many of our customers at this stage tend to seek advice from their accountant, which can be quite costly, however a great tool for you to work out the costings yourself is here:- Click Here 


27th June 2016 EU Referendum Result


I think most of the UK woke up on the morning of Friday 24th June shocked, even the “out” voters.  No-one was quite expecting Brexit to win. The UK has spoken, out it is, so where does the result leave the Financial and Automotive Industry?
In short, the financial industry is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), these ensure that all Financial Institutions and brokers (referred business) abide by their rulings to ensure that customers not only receive the right advice but are treated fairly. Most of the financial institutions rules and regulations come from the EU, presently all rules and regulations will still apply until the Government implement or amend any rules.  We’ve heard in the Media that the Exit could take between 2-4 years, potentially longer; so until then rest assured that customers will continue to be protected by the regulations currently in place as these will continue to apply.

Within moments of the EU referendum results (SMMT) The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders had made a plea with the Government to secure a deal with the EU to safeguard the interests of the UK Automotive Industry.  Without a doubt the Government will do everything within power to maintain economic stability, to safeguard the UK’s future, firstly they need time to assess the situation and ramifications of the result, until then it is business as usual, however it is likely that we’ll see Car Manufacturers react to the result with offers of their own, which could mean we get even greater offers to pass on to our car leasing customers.


Ahead of the VW Price increase on 1st February we've reduced the cost of our leasing deals for our top selling VW lease cars, these are:-

VW Golf Diesel Hatchback GTD NAV 5DR (Manual & DSG)

VW Touareg 3.0 TDI R-Line 262ps TIP

VW Scirocco R BMT (Manual & DSG) 

Hurry as all orders must be placed before 29th January 2016.


Wednesday 20th January 2016

Despite all of the media shaming and turbulent year the VAG Group have experienced recently, with the hype and controversy over the emission scandal, the VAG Group are still proving to be a strong contender with all of their products and certainly one to be reckoned with. The What Car awards are out and between Audi, VW and Skoda they collectively win 8 out of the 19 available categories but this is not the first time that they’ve experienced such an overall win, but the 3rd time in 10 years making VAG Group at the top of its game.

The best one of course lends its home to the Audi A4, managing to eclipse its rivals and taking home the glory of being crowned Car of the Year 2016! In addition to this with such a strong residual value, the Audi A4 offers great value for Audi A4 leasing customers.

The results of all the categories are:-

Small Car – Skoda Fabia
City Car – Hyundai i10
Family Car – Skoda Octavia
Reader Award – Alfa Romeo Giulia
Small SUV – Nissan Qashqai
Large SUV – Land Rover Discovery
MPV’s – VW Touran
Safety Award – Volvo XC90
Estate Car – Skoda Superb
Hot Hatches – Ford Fiesta ST-2
Convertible – Mazda MX-5
Coupe – Audi TT
Sports Cars – Porsche Boxster
Electric Cars – VW Passat Estate
Technology Award – Toyota Mirai
Compact Exec Award – Audi A4
Large Exec Cars – BMW 5 Series
Luxury Car – Mercedes Benz S Class
Car of the Year – Audi A4

Thursday 26th November 2015

Here's a quick preview of a selection of special offers available this Black Friday Event, all rates are applicable to business and personal customers, personal consumers need to add the VAT.

There are only limited numbers available so please call for more information on 0191 356 1001:-

Nissan Note 1.2 Acenta – Metallic
8k pa
£84.52 + VAT
Sonic Blue, Black, Magnetic Red or Arctic White Delivery 2-3 weeks

VW Golf Hatchback 2.0 TDI 184ps GTD Nav 5DR Manual
Pure White
With Free of Charge 19” Santiago Wheels
8k pa
Delivery 2-3 weeks

VW Golf Hatchback 1.6 TDI 110ps Match 5DR Manual
Deep Pearl Black or Reflex Silver
8k pa
Delivery in 2-3 weeks

Ford Fiesta Hatchback Special Edition 1.0 EcoBoost 140 Zetec S Black 3dr
Panther Black
8k pa
Delivery in 2-3 weeks

Ford Fiesta Hatchback Special Edition 1.0 EcoBoost 140 Zetec S Red 3dr
Race Red
8k pa
Delivery in 2-3 weeks

Friday 08.05.15

Important information 

Adhering to the emissions standards for new cars means that almost all diesel vehicles are now fitted with a DPF. This is a technology which is designed to catch soot in the exhaust and as a result prevent it from entering the environment. To keep everything running smoothly, the filter needs to be regularly emptied using a process known as regeneration. This is when the soot is burnt off at a high temperature, leaving just a small residue of ash. It’s a process that takes place automatically when driving at motorway speeds because the exhaust reaches a high enough temperature for the regeneration process to occur. On the other hand, if a vehicle is mainly driven for shorter distances, at slower speeds, the cleaning process will not take place frequently enough to keep the filter clean. In these circumstances, most vehicles will initiate a forced regeneration by boosting the exhaust temperature to a point where regeneration will occur. However, this can mean that you need to keep driving for 10 minutes or so at speeds greater than 40mph until the process is complete and the warning light clears. If the warning light is ignored, soot levels will continue to rise and the vehicle may enter a ‘restricted performance mode’ in order to limit any further damage. At this point, the vehicle will need professional attention to clean or even replace the DPF. This can easily cost upwards of £1,000 and is not covered by either your warranty or any maintenance agreement.

To protect your DPF and keep it running smoothly, it is important to follow the guidance found in your vehicle handbook and, if any warning lights come on, take the recommended action immediately.

Monday 27th April 2015

The DVLA have announced today that they plan on axing the counterpart of the UK driving license, there's hype and speculation (a lot of knee jerk reactions) as Britons are worried that this could cause chaos when collecting potential hire cars in foreign countries.  The counterpart of the license currently holds details of traffic violations and penalty points, this will now be stored on a centralised database held by the DVLA.  

From 8th June, would be holiday makers will need to access the DV LA website for a code from them to pass on to their hire companies before they can collect their car, but this code is only valid for 72 hours, so there's growing concern over whether you'd need to keep logging on to their site during a 2 week holiday to continually update the hire companies with your details?

We've hired many cars outside of the UK and not once has my counterpart license been requested, what's your thought's media hysterics or a real issue? 


Friday 24th April 2015

There is a manufacturers Price increase due on Monday 27th April across the full range of VW product.  It's likely that we'll not be able to offer quotations on VW product until Tuesday 28th April onwards.  Please keep checking our website scroller for more information.

Monday 9th February 2015

As we’re hearing the same question repeatedly I thought that I’d give a brief explanation of Personal Car Leasing here so you can understand how the pricing structure is made up and why leasing a car personally is so cost effective and in some cases very cheap too!

If you visit a Dealership, it’s likely that you’ll be offered either a monthly repayment with no balloon known as hire purchase or a monthly repayment with balloon known as PCP/Solutions/Options, different manufacturers have different names for the product, however the plan is still the same. So at the end of the set 2/3 or 4 year period, you can either hand the vehicle back, part exchange the vehicle or pay the balloon and keep the car.

Many manufacturers run various campaigns, where they can even offer a lower APR and even deposit contributions. The vehicle would be registered to you, so only 1 years road fund license will be included throughout the contract. Manufacturer’s target the Dealership’s on PCP sales and renewals, as market research suggests that if a customer purchases a vehicle through a PCP plan, they are more brand loyal and therefore more likely to purchase from the same manufacturer in 2/3 years’ time for their next vehicle.

So why is personal contract hire, so much less per month than personal contract purchase?

Well with a personal lease car, the legal and registered owner of the vehicle is the leasing company (a business), so each year they’ll write the vehicle down along with each month they’ll re-claim elements of the VAT, as they also purchase 1,000’s of vehicles each year from the manufacturers not only will they enjoy a high level of discount from the Dealership along with VRB schemes but depending on the manufacturer it’s likely that they’ll receive higher levels of additional support or bonus payments. Some of the major leasing companies are bank owned, so their borrowing rates can be very low, all this taken into account with the vehicle’s residual (re-sale value), means your repayment is drove down as low as possible.

Some customers can’t believe how low some rentals are, as to purchase the same vehicle through a retail PCP scheme can cost up to £150 per month more, this is the reason why. I know the old saying of “If it looks too good to be true, it usually is”, trust me when I say that this is not the case when leasing a car!

Some people are stuck on the fact that they never own the car, but if you read your terms and conditions of any hire purchase or PCP agreement, you’ll see that until you pay the final payment on the vehicle, you’ve never owned it. How many people actually keep the car long enough to pay that final repayment? So for the privilege of the log book being in a customer’s name, they have to pay for the road fund license each year and far more per month? Where’s the sense in that? Remember, if it appreciates buy it, depreciates then lease it! None of the lease cars display advertising stickers, no-one knows it’s a lease car, other than you, I lease cars because it’s the most cost effective way to drive a brand new car with the comfort of the manufacturer’s warranty and I get to renew my car every 2 to 3 years, which is around the time that you get bored of your current car and fancy a change. It’s little wonder why personal car leasing is becoming ever more popular!

Years ago you'd hear the Jones talk about how much they paid for this and spent on that, but nowadays the real winners are the ones that save the most, those are the real stories that we want to hear about!

Monday 15th December 2015

We’re very excited to be communicating the enhancement of Audi A4 & A6 Saloon lease, Avant and Allroad rates staring from as little as £194+VAT per month; particularly the Audi A6, where the prices seem to be comparable with a Ford Focus. These new Audi A6 finance rentals are based on the new product improvement model too, with the standard features of the Audi A6 being better than ever before! A vehicle undoubtedly a cut above the rest with the new market leading Ultra engines, making the Audi A6 an exemplary fleet vehicle, by reducing fuel consumption without reducing the driving pleasure; a perfect example of less becoming more! The 2.0 TDI 190ps delivers an impressive amount of power, then combined with emissions from 109g/km, it’s little wonder why the Fleet World are talking about the A6! A brand advanced through technology and desired by all, you’ll be amazed at just what this car can do! With leather interior, MMI Navigation and Bluetooth just a few of the standard features on the A6, you’ll wonder what else you could need that you don’t already have! Both personal and business lease deals are available, we expect high demand for this special offer and with only a limited number of cars available; please get in touch quickly to ensure that you don’t miss this fantastic offer, brought to you by the Team at National Vehicle Solutions!

5th December 2014

Exciting news, BMW supported rates are back, but this time not only offering customer’s great value for money on the 4 Series Coupe, but also available in the Gran Coupe, Cabriolet and 1 Series too! With over 650 vehicles available, there’s never been a better opportunity to order a BMW!

There are however some stipulations to this offer, firstly we can not advertise under certain rentals, so please get in touch with us if you are interested in a vehicle without metallic paint or on a lower mileage and we’ll tailor your quotation. Secondly the BMW 4 Series Coupe can only be quoted over a minimum period of 36 months; all other vehicles are available with supported rates over 24 month contracts. Thirdly, whilst personal contract hire is available on these vehicles, the funder that is underwriting this deal insists that personal applicants meet at least one option from the following criteria:- a) the customer receives a car allowance from work, b) the vehicle is to be used for business purposes and then reclaims their mileage, c) Is a business owner/partner or shareholder of a Corporate entity. Although this proof is required at point of application, the agreement will remain a personal contract, so the customer will undergo a personal credit check, with the search being registered on their credit report.

The models supported are:-

BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback 116d SE 3dr
BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback 116d Sport 5dr
BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback 118d M Sport 3dr
BMW 1 Series Diesel Hatchback 118d M Sport 5dr
BMW 4 Series Diesel Coupe 420d M Sport 2dr
BMW 4 Series Diesel Coupe 420d XDrive Sport 2dr Auto
BMW 4 Series Diesel Coupe 430d M Sport 2dr Auto
BMW 4 Series Diesel Convertible 420d SE 2dr
BMW 4 Series Diesel Convertible 420d M Sport 2dr Auto
BMW 4 Series Diesel Convertible 430d M Sport 2dr Auto
BMW 4 Series Gran Diesel Coupe 420d Sport 5dr
BMW 4 Series Gran Diesel Coupe 420d M Sport 5dr Auto
BMW 4 Series Gran Diesel Coupe 430d M Sport 5dr Auto

Demand is expected to be high for these models, so please be quick to get in touch with us to reserve your car today!


13th October 2014

We are excited to be able to bring another enhanced BMW 4 Series Coupe lease deal to market, very similar to the deal back in September, which was so successful the offer was only available for one week before it reached full capacity. This time however, there are no 24 month deals available, but prices for the M Sport are still starting low from only £227.80+VAT. The offer is predominantly business, however personal can apply if they can answer yes to any of the following questions:-
1. Are you a sole trader or partner of a company that has been trading for more than 12 months?
2. Are you a Company Director of a company that has been trading for more than 24 months?
3. Are you a senior manager of a corporate entity?
4. Are you a professional partner (Accountant/Solicitor/Doctor)
5. Are you an employee using a cash for car allowance?
6. Do you regularly use your vehicle for business purposes and re-claim mileage?

If you answer “yes” to any one of the above questions, it means you are eligible for the BMW 4 Series Coupe personal lease deal and can apply for the offer. The above questions are to assess the qualifying circumstances only, it does not mean that you will automatically be approved for the offer; this will of course be subject to personal credit assessment and score. The final delivery date is 31st December, with the current vehicle lead time at early December 2014.

10th October 2014

We have just received notification of another extraordinary VW lease offer, this time on the VW Touareg lease. The monthly rentals are being added to our site today and will be live this afternoon. The VW Touareg can now be yours from as little as £344.99+VAT per month. The VW Touareg is an ideal large luxury SUV lease car; it’s certainly one of VW’s prestige models and largest within their range of lease cars. It’s highly desirable, which helps to maintain its high residual value. What’s better is the special lease offer is not based on the entry SE level trim, instead it’s focused around the off road optimised 262 Escape model. This model enjoys standard features such as DAB digital radio, touch screen navigation, parking sensors, remote opening tailgate, off road suspension, 4Motion permanent 4 wheel drive, 100 litre fuel tank and many more. For the sheer size of this vehicle, along with the body styling, desirability and drive experience, it really is a steal at only £344.99/mth+VAT.

We are checking the UK for stock, however the current factory order lead time is  December, which should be in plenty time before the weather turns really cold, when the 4Motion is really useful!

Our supplier is still collating orders for the Golf R, so we should have an update regarding ordering availability soon for prices on the Golf R lease car, please click here.

9th October 2014

Due to the huge success of the VW Golf R lease deal, we’ve seen build dates slip back. The monthly rentals achieved using the valid Campaign has a final activation deadline of 31st March, which means in order to secure the heavily supported finance rental, we must be able to get you a vehicle by no later than 31st March. The factory is being inundated with orders up and down the country. The last batch of cars we ordered this morning were given a build week of week 7, which is week commencing 16th February 2015. Although the vehicle only takes 48 hours to build with the factories state of the art machinery, there is an additional 72 hours for quality control and transit to Port from the factory. Once the vehicle arrives at the Port in Germany, it can then wait 2-3 weeks to be allocated a ship. Then when your Golf R lease car arrives in the UK Port, it can take a further 3-5 working days to arrive at the centre’s compound ready for the PDI process. Taking all of this into account, build week 7 already means delivery mid to late March 2015. Once the build weeks slip back beyond week 9, we can not guarantee delivery before the end of the campaign, which means we’ll close the offer. National Vehicle Solutions will not take an order from a customer that we can not be sure will arrive in time for the campaign in the hope that the build week changes, we operate with an ethical approach and will only take an order if it can be fulfilled.

With this in mind, we’re notifying all customers who are interested in the Golf R special lease offer to return their signed order forms before close of play today. Once the next batch of orders have been placed; we’ll re-look at the build dates and advise the next build weeks and course of action. We certainly don’t want any of our customers to be disappointed, which is why we’re communicating the urgency; this is certainly not a sales tactic!

The factory order numbers for those customers who’ve already placed an order for the VW Golf R lease will be communicated very shortly so you can track the progress on the VW system. For further clarification or information, please do not hesitate to get in touch on 0191 356 1001.

8th October 2014

Audi’s new product improvement A6 has now opened for ordering. In a nutshell the improvements are power and efficiency affecting all engines, Xenon headlights with LED rear lights on SE models and LED headlights on the S-Line upwards, four zone deluxe climate control, styling revisions to enhance the exterior look, but these improvements aren’t offered to the customer for free, we have to pay for the privilege with a hike in OTR’s of nearly £1,000. Our A6 lease deals have been amended to reflect this new model. Pre current stock is still available although extremely limited, so if you’d prefer pre-current then please get in touch quickly. As with most improvements the launch appears to be staggered with only A6 Saloon, Avant and Allroad available to order now, the RS6 Avant should be available soon! As typical of Audi, they’ve already communicated production constraints on the S-Tronic versions, so it’s likely that the UK will only see the manual A6’s arrive in 2014.

7th October 2014

Wow….. Has it been a busy couple of days?! We have great rates flying around from all manufacturers and leasing company and surprisingly it looks like Audi are coming to the party this quarter too! Also benefitting from the change in qualifying criteria allowing personal car leasing applications through their own funder Audi Finance, I see the A3 hatch and Sportback being very successful. They’ve also introduced an SE Technik version available in both diesel 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI engines manual and S-Tronic, no doubt to help impact their 2015 fast start campaign, not leaving 2015 units to chance possibly as we all saw BMW sales begin to increase rapidly in quarter 3. We have a great headline rental on the entry model A3 Sportback 1.2 TFSI SE, ideally suited to young professionals or small families . The level of standard specification on this vehicle certainly receives a thumbs up from National Vehicle Solutions with features such as Audi music interface, Dab Digital radio (an absolute necessity for those talk sport fans like me), bluetooth interface, preparation for the SD navigation and ISOFIX to name a few and not forgetting it includes the revolutionary start stop recuperation technology. We find that most of our customers who choose to purchase the Audi A3 Sportback and add options, these are the most popular choices:- metallic paint (£437.50+VAT), heated front seats (£216.67+VAT), electronic lumbar support (£162.50), 17” 5 Arm kinetic alloys (£208.33+VAT) and comfort package (£504.17+VAT). If you’re looking to potentially add options to your vehicle order, as a rough guide divide the full amount by the contract length, so for example if you’re looking at a 9+23 profile and wanted metallic paint, please use this equation 9+23 = 32. £437.50 divide by 32 = £13.67+VAT, which would be the increase to your monthly rental. You may wonder why you pay for the whole amount over the term of the agreement as you don’t take your paint back at the end of the contract, well the reason is simple; most leasing companies do not offer a residual value on options, the re-sale value remains the same as most used car buyers are not prepared to pay more for an option that they don’t necessarily want or need, if they increased the residual value, this would make their car appear more expensive than another of the same model and age being returned without any options, although we agree it could make the vehicle more desirable and easier to re-sell, the leasing companies are not convinced.

Getting back to the addition of the SE Technik, which is based on the SE model but also benefits from the following additional standard equipment:- 16” 15 spoke Y design alloy wheels, SD Card Satellite navigation, Colour drivers information system, Audi parking system rear and cruise control, the additional cost for this vehicle is only £625.00 over the cost of the SE model, making this trim very appealing, but remember it’s only available in the diesel 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI engines.

6th October 2014

It’s Monday morning and from first opening my inbox I’m astounded at the amount of quote requests, finance applications and orders we’ve received over the weekend for the VW Golf R. I know that if I’m experiencing this amount of traffic and interest in the deal that others are too, meaning that VW will be inundated with orders up and down the country. Knowing the VW product like I do along with their practices I know it won’t be long before they either remove the vehicle from ordering or pressurise VWFS into reducing the vehicles residual value subsequently increasing the vehicle monthly rentals, please don’t worry if you’ve already placed an order with us as this is locked into the system and your rate is secure! We know they reduced the residual value back in April, along with reducing the fleet support back in April 2014, so when I’m speaking to new customers and advising them to act quickly, it’s because of experience and not because I’m trying to add pressure to secure a sale.

I spoke with my approved VW supplier yesterday who advised me that the Golf R model keeps disappearing from the SLI system, meaning that she can’t order the vehicle or match the finance company pricing against SLI, this is an intermittent issue, which she’s been reassured by VW support will be correct by close of play Wednesday, until then she has to keep ordering a few when the model reappears. The Golf R is meant to be one of VW’s niche vehicles, the UK market will only be contracted to sell so many in 2014/2015; one has to wonder if this is being removed purposely whilst they negotiate more allocation with Germany? So please take my word, if you’re looking at the Golf R, act swiftly to secure your finance rate and vehicle, as undoubtedly this deal will end very soon, it’s too strong a deal not to, it can’t be Golf Car Lease City forever!

Wednesday 6th Febuary 2014

Audi have once again caused a stir in the Fleet Sector by launching the New Ultra Engine in their A6’s and what’s more without any sacrifice on performance or in their driver’s pockets!

With and impressive EU6 emission standard, starting from as low as 114g/km, this diesel engine firmly sits in the 17% tax bracket and offers a top speed of 144mph. Not only has the power output increased from the previous 177ps engine to a massive respectful 190ps but the fuel economy is more efficient meaning an exceptionally competitive cost of ownership for all business users as well as private individuals.

Audi opened the ordering allocation in February, with the first cars going into production from week 11 onwards, so expect to see these cars in Showrooms near you from Late March/April 2014 onwards. The new Audi Ultra engine is available to order in Saloon and Avant, across all trim levels in the A6.

Tuesday 20th August 2013

We have been working hard in the background securing some fantastic rates on various vehicles for new "63" plate.We have secured some further discounts to offer some very unique car leasing offers, be quick as good things have to end.We have stock of Volkswagen 1.6tdi se 5dr Golf's starting from £120.98+vat per month in various colours so please ask. There is also a cracking offer on the Citroen C1 5 Door 1.0i VTR 5dr starting from £48+vat per month must be delivered in september. Along the very popular Citroen DS3 1.6 E-Hdi Airdream Dstyle Plus 3dr from £127+vat. We also have a very rare Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 Tdi Se 5dr in stock in Amalfi white from £199.99+vat on a 2 year contract. As the sun is out you may also consider a Audi A5 Cabriolet 2.0TDI (177) S-Line SPECIAL EDITION starting from £285+vat, there is a choice of metallic colours so be quick if you have a preference.As always if you see any deals elsewhere please let us know and we will aim to match or even beat your car leasing quote using our price challenge what have you got to lose

Saturday 6th July 2013 

We are currently working on new quarter 3 rates, Some have already been uploaded. One to look out for is on the Audi TT coupe with prices from £192+vat. Another one is the New Renault Captur from £169+vat inc maintenance. We have also secured some more Volkswagen Golf's for delivery in est 2-3 weeks. Please call for further information on colour options. We have also noticed a rate drop on the Touareg 204 R-Line with prices starting from just £332.50+vat , Not bad for a £45k vehicle. Another offer That we think will be popular is the Audi A5 cab from £249.99+vat. Vehicles in stock but very limited so be quick to secure the rate. We are awaiting on new rates been uploading onto systems for the Mercedes range, we est 2 weeks. New BMW M5 offer based on 2 year contract £509.99+vat per month (List Price £73,505). If you have any vehicle in mind please dont hesitate to call. We are sure we can help whether your budget is £50 to £1000 per month we are sure we can offer the right vehilce. Be sure to bookmark the site as deals change on a weekly/daily basis.

Saturday 15th June 2013 

We have some fantasic rates on the AUDI A6 2.0tdi SE starting from £199.99+vat these vehicles need to be delivered before the end of June so act fast to secure the rate. There is also limited ammount of Volkswagen Touareg Diesel Estate 3.0 V6 Tdi R Line 5dr Tip Auto in stock starting from £355+vat. We have special offer on stock Mercedes C Class Coupe C220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY Executive SE in stock starting from £259+vat. If you can wait for factory order why not look at the new shape Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI BMT SE 5dr for £134+vat or our Unique business contract hire offer on Audi A3 Sportback Diesel Sportback 2.0 Tdi Se 5dr starting from £146.99+vat November delivery.

Friday 31st May 2013 16:15

There has been 2 great car leasing rate reductions on the Brand New MK7 Golf 1.6 TDI SE BMT with rates starting from only £149.99+VAT and the VW Scirocco Coupe 2.0 TDI GT BMT Nav/Leather with rates starting from only £209.99+VAT

Friday 31st May 2013 12:30

National Vehicle Solutions new revamped website went live with on Thursday 30th May.  We hope to have all of our best lease deals loaded very soon, so please keep visiting our page to see our Special Leasing Offers, or contact us on 0191 356 1001 to speak to one of our friendly operators.


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