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Initial Disclosure Document


Who Regulates Us

The Financial Conduct Authority is the independent regulator of financial services. The Financial Conduct Authority require us to provide you with a document called an 'Initial Disclosure Document'. This document provides information about us, the products we offer, the services we will provide, what we charge for our services, who regulates us, what to do if you have a complaint and details about the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered No: FRN 714995

Who Are We

We are Venus Vehicle Solutions Limited who actively trade as National Vehicle Solutions our registered office address is E-Volve Centre, Cygnet Way, Rainton Bridge South Business Park, Houghton le Spring, Tyne & Wear.

National Vehicle Solutions are a credit broker of vehicle finance, we are not a funder or lender.

What Services We Provide

We will provide you with quotations from firms most appropriate to your lending or purchase requirements, which will include general information relating to that finance product. All appropriate costs and fees will be disclosed upfront ensuring no hidden charges. To assess your requirements accurately we may require information surrounding your personal circumstances including credit profile which will be relevant in order to enable us to identify your needs. It is important that you provide us with accurate information. You will not receive advice, or a recommendation from us, we will provide you with all relevant information allowing you to make an informed decision. We will not assess your driving or practical requirements and will only quote you based on vehicles that you’ve specifically requested however we may ask questions to attempt to narrow your search criteria.

Whose Products Do We Offer

As a broker we have relationships with a range of lenders/dealers/funders, once your application is successful and your order document has been signed we can confirm the full details of your lender and supplying dealer.

What Fees Do We Charge

We do charge an Administration/Acceptance fee of £199.99+ VAT for our Brokering Services. An invoice will be produced at point of vehicle order, after the finance has been agreed. This fee is for services provided and is non-refundable once any vehicle sourcing has begun. We will charge a cancellation fee as set out in out Terms and Conditions of £500 for any vehicle cancelled within the contracted period of the agency contract of supply.

Should you wish to amend an order that is not built or production confirmed an amendment fee of £75+VAT will apply if the amendment date is after 14 days of signing your vehicle order form. An invoice will be raised upon receipt of your written notification of cancellation. All invoices can be settled by World Pay transactions (debit/credit card), PayPal or bank transfer.

Vehicle Maintenance

If you have opted for a non-maintained contract, you will be responsible for any maintenance in line with the Manufacturers servicing and maintenance recommendations according to their website and vehicle handbook. This will be at your cost. Most funders stipulate within their terms and conditions that all servicing work must be conducted by an authorised main dealer.

Do We Offer Insurance Products

No, whilst we can refer you to a company that offer GAP insurance, National Vehicle Solutions will not offer any price or advice on any insurance product.

Vehicle Supply

Before committing to an order, it is important that you check that the vehicle meets your requirements, including transmission type. We recommend that you visit your local Main Dealer to test drive the vehicle before placing an order.

If You Have a Complaint

Please visit https://www.nationalvehiclesolutions.co.uk/complaints-procedure and read our complaints procedure.

Important Information to Consider if purchasing a diesel

Adhering to the emissions standards for new cars means that almost all diesel vehicles are now fitted with a DPF. This is a technology which is designed to catch soot in the exhaust and as a result prevent it from entering the environment. To keep everything running smoothly, the filter needs to be regularly emptied using a process known as regeneration. This is when the soot is burnt off at a high temperature, leaving just a small residue of ash. It’s a process that takes place automatically when driving at motorway speeds because the exhaust reaches a high enough temperature for the regeneration process to occur. On the other hand, if a vehicle is mainly driven for shorter distances, at slower speeds, the cleaning process will not take place frequently enough to keep the filter clean. In these circumstances, most vehicles will initiate a forced regeneration by boosting the exhaust temperature to a point where regeneration will occur. However, this can mean that you need to keep driving for 10 minutes or so at speeds greater than 40mph until the process is complete and the warning light clears.
If the warning light is ignored, soot levels will continue to rise and the vehicle may enter a ‘restricted performance mode’ in order to limit any further damage. At this point, the vehicle will need professional attention to clean or even replace the DPF. This can easily cost upwards of £1,000 and is not covered by either your warranty or any maintenance agreement. To protect your DPF and keep it running smoothly, it is important to follow the guidance found in your vehicle handbook and, if any warning lights come on, take the recommended action immediately. 


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