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Car Lease Funding & Finance Options

We are able to offer funding solutions for your Brand New UK Registered vehicle over 12 to 60 months, depending on your requirements.  A minimum of 12 months road fund license will be provided with all contracts.  As with all new vehicles, they will include a Manufacturers warranty, the length of term and mileage cut off for this is different by Manufacturer, some will also include breakdown assistance for the term of your contract; further information is available upon request.   

If you’re looking for a short term contract or flexible hire between 3 – 12 months, we still may be able to assist, so please call us on 0191 356 1001

Business Contract Hire / Operating Lease

As the vehicle is registered to the leasing company, you’ll benefit from their buying power, with enhanced discount terms and additional registration support.  The purchase price they pay will usually be significantly less than what you could buy the vehicle for.  If you have terms in place directly with a Manufacturer, please let us know before we quote, as this may reduce your monthly rental further.  The leasing company will forecast and set a residual value for the vehicle at the time of quotation based upon the expected return mileage and vehicle age.  This means that you will only be paying for the gap in between the purchase price and the residual value plus interest.  As the leasing company are solely using this vehicle for business purposes, they are entitled to reclaim an element of the VAT, which will be reflected in the monthly rental to ensure monthly repayments are as competitive as possible.  The main benefits to your company are:-

  • Managing Cash Flow- The vehicle will remain off the balance sheet, meaning that you don’t have to tie up funds in a rapidly reducing asset and write the vehicle down each year, leaving you to reinvest the money into growing your business

  • Accurately Manage Costs- Road fund licence is included throughout the contract, you also have the option to add a monthly maintenance package

  • Fixed Monthly Repayments– A rental will be provided for a set term and mileage, which is suitable for your business, this will remain the same throughout the contract period

  • Taxation Benefits- You’re able to reclaim 100% of the VAT element off the maintenance payment and 50% of the VAT element off the rental.  Fixed Cost Motoring – The monthly rental will remain the same throughout the agreement

  • Cost Effective– Low monthly rentals, as you’re only paying for use of the vehicle during the period of time you have it

  • Risk Free– If the Residual value was set higher than what the car is actually worth when the car is returned the leasing company carry this risk, you just simply hand the vehicle back and look forward to receiving your new lease car

  • Fair Policy– The leasing companies are BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) members, who are a motor trade professional trade body and follow their code of conduct and guidelines throughout the contract Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire

Personal contract hire/car lease brings together many advantages that usually consumers would not benefit from. The leasing company underwriting your contract will have purchased the vehicle and paid VAT at the prevailing rate, however each year they’ll be able to offset part of the vehicle write down against the VAT already paid, meaning that they’ll be re-claiming part of that element each year. This is one of the major factors incorporated into how your low monthly rental is stacked. Not forgetting that you will benefit from the leasing companies buying power as well as the realistic end of contract residual value that the leasing company will have set. So what are the benefits?-

Fixed Monthly Repayments - Pay the same agreed payment each month for the full duration of the contract

Optional Maintenance plans - Choose to maintain the vehicle yourself at Main Dealers or include the cost each month, helping you to budget.  The packages available are service only, Service and maintenance or Service, maintenance and tyres.

Flexible Deposit Packages - You choose the amount you wish to pay in advance.  Most of our offers are based on 6 payments in advance, but you could reduce that to one or 3 payments in advance.  The more deposit paid will in turn reduce your monthly repayments.

Low Cost Motoring - As the vehicle is supplied brand new, they include manufacturers warranty.  An MOT is only required on vehicles 3 years and older.   Road fund license is included throughout the contract, meaning that this funding method is definately a low cost option.

 • Mileage terms to suit your requirements - All of the contracts we offer can be tailored to your requirements, so the contract can be adapted to suit your annual mileage.

Risk Free – If during the fixed contract period there is a slump in the used car market, impacting all residual vaues, this would affect the leasing company and not you.  You simply arrange to hand the car back at the end of the contract and take out a new car lease 



Initial Payment £2,000.00
Business Deal
per month
Personal Deal
£191.50 per month
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