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Q: What is the Process for leasing a vehicle?

A: Firstly, once you have decided on a Car or Van you will complete a proposal form which will be submitted to the relevant finance company who will perform a credit check (you are not committed at this stage)

Once you have been approved for finance, we will create a client vehicle order which will be emailed, faxed or posted to you.

Once you have signed your client vehicle order we will send your order to the necessary dealership who will order the vehicle on your behalf.

A lead time will be provided once the order has been placed with the Dealer and is in the manufacturers ordering system.  

A few weeks before delivery or at point of order (dependant on the finance company you're approved with) you will sign your finance documents, which you will need to return; once in receipt an accurate delivery date will be given, the car will be delivered to you on the advised delivery date.  


Q: Are all the vehicles supplied brand new?

A: All of the vehicles we advertise are brand new, however if we had the opportunity to advertise some great pre-reg or ex-demonstrators on the site, we would do so and highlight this along with the price.  We can sometimes provide rates on used vehicles, so please don’t hesitate to ask us.


Q: Who supplies the vehicle?

A: All vehicles are supplied directly from UK Dealerships.  We have a preferred network of Dealerships to ensure our customers get thes best experience.  From time to time it may be possible for you to nominate your local Dealership if they can match our supply terms.


Q: Does my new vehicle come with a warranty?

A: Yes, all of our vehicles come with a full UK Manufactures warranty.


Q: Does My vehicle include Road Fund License?

A: All Contract Hire Vehicles whether business or personal come with RFL for the full duration of the contract.  Contract Purchase, PCP, HP or Operating leases come with one year’s RFL, it is then your responsibility to Tax the car for the further years, the DVLA would send you the reminder.


Q: Do I have to insure the vehicle?

A: Yes, you will need to arrange your own fully comprehensive insurance for your lease vehicle.  Some manufacturers offer 7 days free insurance, please ask us for further details.


Q: Do you provide free delivery?

A: In most cases the vehicles advertised are delivered free of charge to UK Mainland addresses (work or home).  Additional charges will be incurred for non UK Mainland postcodes or alternatively you can collect from the Dealer free of charge.  From time to time a particular special offer may exclude certain delivery areas (mainly Citroen), in these instances the offer will include these terms at point of advertisement.  Driven delivery is included as standard and takes place Monday-Friday, some suppliers may choose to transport the vehicles via load loader at no additional cost.


Q: Do you offer contracts for customers based in Northern Ireland?

A: Yes, however delivery is not included.  We can arrange for you to collect the vehicle from the supplying dealer or you can pay the additional cost for delivery.  It is not possible to deliver the vehicle to a UK Port as delivery/collection is designed as an additional proof of identity.


Q: Is Maintenance included in the contract?

A: No Maintenance is not included unless otherwise stated however, if you require a maintenance or service package then this can be added onto your month rentals at an additional cost per month.


Q: Does a maintenance package include tyres?

A: This depends on the maintenance package that you select.  If you select SMT (Service, maintenance and tyres) it will be included.  Please note that wear and tear of a tyre is included but punctures (damage) is not, however if the tyre tread was very low and due to be replaced in less than 1,000-3,000 miles, your service provider may cover the full/partial cost of replacement.  Other maintenance packages possible if Service only or Service and maintenance only.


Q: Is Roadside assistance included with the Contract?

A: This will be included as part of your new car warranty, with some manufacturers it would be 1 year and others up to 3 years.  We would recommend that you consult your owners handbook.


Q: Can I put a private number plate onto my lease vehicle?

A: Yes, we can usually arrange this for you.  If this is arranged before you take delivery of your new car, we do not charge to help you arrange this so only ask for the fees the DVLA will charge our Supplying Dealership.  However if you choose to place a private plate on the vehicle after delivery, the finance company will need to arrange this for you and normally charge a nominal fee of around £50 in addition to the DVLA charges.  Remember you will need to make arrangements a few months before the end of your contract to place your plrivate plate on retention.


Q: Does my car need to be serviced at a main dealer?

A: Yes in most cases, even with block exemption rules.  As the leasing company are the owners of the vehicles it is their terms and conditions that need to be adhered to.  Most Manufacturer Finance companies insist on their vehicles being serviced by Main Dealers as this helps to retain a healthy residual value.  We therefore advise all customers to service their vehicles at main dealers in line with the vehicle hand book, to avoid unnecessary charges at the end of the contract.  


Q:  Am I able to take my lease vehicle abroad?

A: Yes, providing you obtain permission from the relevant leasing company, you will need a Vehicle on hire form.


Q:  What happens at the end of my contract?

A: Dependent on the contract taken out you can just simply hand your vehicle back, ask for an extension if applicable or purchase the vehicle in some cases.  In contract hire cases a representative from the finance company will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect and collect the vehicle.  It is important that you inspect the vehicle yourself before the end of the contract.  We advise all customers to scrutinise the vehicle as if you were purchasing the vehicle as a used car on a forecourt.  Any dent, major scratch or windscreen chip should be repaired/replaced before they arrive to inspect your vehicle.  Most finance companies have set charges for repairs, so you could if left end up with a hefty end of contract invoice, which can easily be avoided.  


Q:  What happens if I’ve exceeded my annual mileage allowance?

A: The finance company will charge you a pence per mile excess, the excess mileage charge is determined at the beginning of the contract and is included in all of our quotations.  For example, if your excess mileage charge is 6 pence+vat per mile and you exceed your contractual mileage allowance by 1000 miles you will be charge £60+vat


Q: The initial payment/rental that I make at the beginning of the contract, is this refundable?

A: No, the initial payment/rental reduces or increases your rentals accordingly.  


Q: What does 3+23, 6+23, 3+35, 6+35 etc mean?

A: 3+ 6+ etc is the deposit amount, so if the repayment was £200+vat, the deposit on 3+ would be £600+vat, if 6+ it would be £1,200+vat.  We can tailor any quotation to your deposit requirements and if at any point you don't understand how it works then we'd be happy to explain it further, just ask.


Q: What happens if I terminate my lease early?

A: This will be dependent on the finance company, please contact us to request an early termination figure.  As a rule of thumb though you could be charged anything from 50% upwards of the outstanding rentals, depending how far you are through the contract.


Q: How quickly can I take delivery?

The lead time varies depending on whether the offer has been based on a stock vehicle or if it is based on a factory order.  Unless the vehicle is in stock and you've returned your finance agreement it is difficult to advise an exact delivery date.  As the finance industry is now regulated by the FCA along with distant sales taking place for most funders, we must allow for the 14 day cooling off period to pass before delivery can take place.  A realistic delivery date for stock units is 2-3 weeks, providing you act swiftly and return all documents when prompted.


Have a question that we haven’t answered? Simply give us a call or email us and we’ll answer your question then add it to our FAQ’s list. 


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